Canvases slashed 

throats slit

Nolde’s duplicity trashed

books burnt

The Torah desecrated

flames and torches of hatred

rampaging troops

Wagner restored

innocent souls in lurid flames

loved ones asphixiated

innocent souls in flames of torment

Hell Rules ok

Vile screams resound

The eagle’s claws clutch

innocent flesh

Again, now, today

let’s have our say

tin pot cretins on display

holding liberty at bay

drones groan overhead

people cower

who seek only love

the crown of duplicity reigns

rise you dormant dust

from your pernnial rust

leave your comfort zones

and hear their cries and moans

They are at it again

in casa blanca and

close to Basil’s tomb

to a sculptured new bust

with an anthem of lust

resist or perish

the hour is come



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