Attention to Detail

A kid flying his handmade paper-kite, 

A kitten having a large, mouthful bite

Of the leftover meat provided by the butcher,

A photographer waiting to click a picture

Of a mother duck with her little ducklings, 

A jealous husband giving a darting

Look at the man flirting with his wife, 

Old men debating about the political strife.


A young lady walking into the boutique, 

An outsider showcasing something unique, 

The bees returning back to the hive, 

A just-born giving a heartening smile,

Poster of a missing pet pasted on the wall, 

Girl with the high-heels looking unusually tall,

Labourers carrying heavy loads on their backs,

An employee reflecting on the skills that he lacks.


The taxi on the stop blowing its horn out loud,

An airplane passing through the dense clouds,

Drunk men ranting and walking around in zig-zags,

A sleepless teenager finally giving rest to his eyebags,

The marshmallow in the coffee melting too slow, 

The lady from the boutique stepping out with a glow,

The departer across the street saying good-bye, 

The customers seeming happy with their buy.


These were the takeaways for the day,

Through the eyes of the local veggie vendor

Selling red, green and yellow bell peppers.

My cab dropped me off at the agreed spot,

And I rushed right towards his shop

Before he could pull the shutters down.

He handed me my parcel and walked away  

As he satisfyingly signed-off for the day.


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