As The Bell Tolls.

I didn’t want to be there as the evening embers fell

Still I came

Stood in the shadows


And listened as they rang the bells


As the bell tolls

So heads will roll 

With fear in the eyes

And a guttural scream 

From the throat left behind


Hands rose from the earth

Tied my feet to the ground

I wanted to scream

But the wind stole the sound

My howls were lifted into the air


Snap of a twig

Perhaps a branch

Quick turn of the head

There was nobody there


Untying my feet

I turned on my heel

Ran as fast as I could 

With burning lungs 


The skies sobs

Echoed the mourning wind

The swollen belly of the earth

Belched under my weight


I begged the devil

Swore allegiance to God 

Staggered out of the fog

Alas. It was too late


I saw with my own eyes

Broken men stood

At heaven’s gate.  



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