Another Summer Night Without You.

On a dense dark baited night, 

Pain awaits outside the windowsill

For me to get to bed, aware of the plight. 

There’s a box of pills, but why should I bend my quill? 


Sometimes breathless and sometimes hyperventilated 

Are the fluctuations of my helpless heart. 

Every time it feels contemplated and castellated, 

Troops of anxiety ambushes and tears it apart. 


Tonight, of all nights, I feel you around. 

Putting me to bed, kissing me to sleep, 

You lay your head on me while I feel safe and sound,

Please don’t take my sunshine away” I plead.


And the mornings wake me up with reality – 

Yet another dream and a summer night without you. 

Hopefully someday I’ll not be looking at nights in incredulity,

Knowing that even the purest of bonds can depart breaking you.


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