Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week: “Gunnar’s Odyssey” by Richard Hollenback

Route 66. The Pan-American Highway. The Oregon Trail.

Up there with some of the greatest well-known American travel routes is a lesser-known one, the Santa Fe Trail. For about sixty years, this primarily commercial highway stretched between Missouri and New Mexico. Both Mexican and American traders used it, as did gold rush adventurers, stagecoaches, and many others.

With the expansion of the US railroads by the 1880s, the trail fell into disuse. But before then, life-and-death dramas played out daily along the rough, remote route. In Gunnar’s Odyssey, Richard Hollenback’s meticulously researched Old West adventure novel, Gunnar Mann is facing many of those trials and tribulations as he travels along the Santa Fe Trail for months, his only goal to get back home to his girlfriend.

Driven by a factually accurate history of life in the Southwest during the mid-1800s and brightened with romance and the author’s genuine passion for the region, Gunnar’s Odyssey is the perfect page-turner for anyone who loves reading about the early American West.

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