Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week: “Gobelin” by Julia McKinlay

Solitude can be a fickle thing. It may be thrust upon you, it may be a choice, it may be an unwelcome punishment. Those moments spent alone can be torturous. But there are always answers in silence.

This story begins with a young girl, Aage, who is accused by her father of being a witch. After a brutal attack and a false accusation, she is banished from her island home. The malicious events never leave her mind.

Ioman lives on the savanna, with The Azure, his tribe, a matriarchal society. War with neighbors causes the death of his parents and he becomes a celebrated warrior. He changes the foundations of the tribe causing a deep resentment in the women. Ioman is forced to leave his home to find his future with his love.

And Searlait, who is born to the Gens D’Etoile, an exotic and mysterious tribe that circle the desert to find forgiveness from the Sun’s wrath. Searlait’s self-imposed estrangement sets her apart from her tribe.

They all find themselves on the island of Gobelin. 

Together they form a diverse and loving family. The characters are complex, and their cultures intricate. This book will take you on a journey that will keep you wanting more. Travel through the landscapes, the traditions, the strife’s, both poignantly painful and inextricably beautiful. All tinged with a hint of magic, secret and subtle hidden in the wind of Gobelin.

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