Where have the previous thirteen years ran to?

  That day when my wife and I tended our first born

is now some thirteen years away,

     where is it those thirteen years are now hiding?


     Our Son Wyatt be as tall as a ships mast,

and by knowing his empath, his mast boasts full

sail of seas where only a need for sleep can

     interrupt his adventure, his beautiful smile.


     It is his Birthday and he is at ease with

passage into his teenage years – his parents fear,

          ‘one would swear he has fore-knowledge

               of how best to tease parents and be a proverbial…………’


     Even next doors cat seems wide eyed and alarmed

at that new calmly set glint,

     a glint many a fair maiden would declare – handsome and,



     My wife and I are worried,

how is it he be as tall as ships and just as bold as the Warrior of Rainbows?

   And there be a tip, – his father and mother be proud for –

     he concerns himself with a need for environment

        and ecology – ‘such concern his very own intellectual compassion!’


     Thirteen years ago Ma lay exhausted –

checking his every small of fingers and every small of toes,

   with tears upon a benevolent smile her day, our day,

          our life and love – held within the spark that is

     the gift of life; the complement we give to one another

         and universe; beyond an event – many take for granted.


          ‘together – our first, born!’


     Now he sits devouring a Chinese treat of sweet and sour –

fried seaweed, rice – ribs, chicken, curry and more,

   and way too cool for me to bargain with,

        I was never such glint of eye.


     I am as his father – amazed.

          I am as his father – amazed,

               I am as his father shining at the moon and stars and, amazed,

                    and with Ma and sister too;-

                               proud, and with love, with Wyatt!


     Happy Birthday Wyatt.

                    Mum Dad Sis and Bro too.


Robinson Family 29th Avril 2023



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