All Those Years Ago | Jurg Friedli

All those years ago
time was on your side
your way was smooth and straight
appearance was all pride
You had it all you know
the talent and the guts
were ready for the show
the girls, well, they were hot
Seemingly endless time
the crowds around all day
and lots of friends it seemed
but none around to stay
You didn’t think
that it would ever end
and you did not prepare the time you will depend
You never took the time
for children, in your race
for superficial cheers
and moneyglowing face
And now you’re sitting here not wondering anymore, thoughts and
feelings gone like never here before
One quietly left behind
when stepping off the train a tired and broken man
whose life did not contain
The ability to see
around himself and be free
of selfishness and greed
to live in modesty
So after all the show
the audience long gone
of all these years ago
you end the lonely one.

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