2023: Trev returns to Texas for National Poetry Month incorporating NaPoWriMo: Part3 Austin

Image: Thom and me sharing a slot on Koop Radio fior teh return of a programme called writing on air, it went well, one of many events for National Poetry Month. thow was equally determind to do 30 open mics in 30 days whether zoom or live.





30.03.23 – 30) Sure was a delight, meetin’ up with Thom again last night

An event not to be missed, he said “get your name on the List”

I do, wait, soon it’s my turn an’ I’m called

Introduced as the guy that’s come all the way today from the UK

The Yorkshire chap back after a three year gap

So I read poems about what would have been had in not been for Covid 19

Then I’m done an’ shortly after I’m away

The perfect end to departure day

Drivin’ back after openin’ night and think “yes it really did go alright”.


31) It was still dark so I slept a bit more

Thinking about my next poetry score

Then day breaks an’ I’m out of bed

Showered dressed an’ ready for the day ahead

Things to do people to see, an’ a workshop for poetry


32) Couldn’t shave, no shaving foam so an early shopping roam

While out, get other things I’d come without

That done to T Mobile I run

Get a sim card today to ring my friend in the USA

T Mobile closed, no need for dread, for the library I’ll head

Come back later but for now I’ll use the time

To upload album an’ blog, with photos an’ rhyme


32) Some updates done, back to T Mobile I run

Mention last year and like as not, the good deal I got

Wasn’t in vain, I got the same deal again

A deal exuded, one price, texts and calls included

Called pre-pay, made my day

All errands done away I run an’ can’t help but feel I got a really good deal


33) Drivin’ along I think time for a song

Get the radio to play, lyrics hit me straight away

“Tail California Heads Carolina” I’m thinkin’ there’s nothing finer

I know than when I got Country Music on the go

When I’m doin’ a roam of my spiritual home

An’ to my delight I’m thinkin’ “Alright”

Then along comes Rascal Flatts singin’ Life is a Highway

I think “It sure is an’ I’m gonna drive it my way”.


35) So continues the day as I make my way

Hopin’ it’s not folly, to a workshop run by a gal called Mollie

I thought it was the first time we met but she said “no”

She’d remembered me from when The Full English was on the go

Of subjects there were seven an’ we’re away in an inspirational heaven


Poems 36 – 42 at Mollies Lazy Daze Workshop

36)Colours running, no longer looks stunning

As before when people stood in awe

Colours burning, mixing churning, what is it all for

Colours breaking, people quaking, scared they’ll see it no more

But did they care when it was there

Answer could be No, hence The Angry Rainbow


37) Do I want a ticket to Outer Space, a visit to a faraway place?

Book it now while it’s still unspoiled, before it’s commercialised

While there’s so much to like, before a price hike

Big business and greed for all it’s worth will screw it up, just like the Earth


38) You think you know but you don’t you think you will but you won’t

You expect me to give but I can’t you expect me to respect you but I shan’t

Your expectations and demand of me, prove you don’t know me


39) Enjoy silence, enjoy hush, enjoy not having to rush

I enjoy silence without fears, because silence never hurts my ears


40) Who is good who is bad, it’s easy to find out

There are those that’ll drown us, those that’ll pull us out

That’s a must, we need to know who to trust


41) There’s no better teacher than your enemy

On the take form your every mistake

There’s no better teacher than your enemy

Looking to win form your every sin

There’s no better teacher than your enemy

Making a dance and song about your every wrong

We all should know, There’s no better teacher than your foe.


42) The troubles you brew today, you’ll drink tomorrow

Such a waste, a bitter after taste

The troubles you brew today bring grief and sorrow

Yet warnings are in vain, you’ll still do it again

The troubles you brew today, you’ll drink tomorrow


43 Workshop went well a good time had

By four from Austin an’ a Yorkshire Lad

An’ my blog an’ album brought up to date

Yes today’s gone alright, an” I think I’ll have an early night


31.3.23 – 44) Still dark but the day comes alive it’s just gone five

Garbage truck in the parking lot, am I getting up I am not

Gonna stay in bed some more

An’ reflect on what could be today’s first poetry score


45) I’m showered, dressed, ready an’ away at eight

Don’t want to be late, cos’ t the AWR it’s my first day

An’ this year’s motel’s further away

GPS set, the way sought, it took me the way I thought

Called for hot dogs an’ coffee on the way try somewhere else another day

I always enthuse, plenty of eatin’ places to chose

An’ soon I’m there to give the animals love an’ care

An’ in the main it feels good to be back again


46) I walk in they got a new client, he’s a crow

They tell me his name’s Russell I say, “Is that so”

Then it’s time to get stuck in,

Get the possums an’ squirells changed an’ fed,

Always a treat to watch ‘em tuck in

The day’ swell on track and I’m thinkin, “It’s great to be back”


47) When I’m done, to a library I run updates to do and try, to find out why

I could only on mu usb get music by Pachelbell

Hopefully the computer will tell, it does, I feel down and defeated

When I see the other songs have been accidentally deleted

No need to see red I can always listen to the radio instead

So whenever I’m drivin’ I can always find music to suit the mood I’m in


48) Time for afternoon relaxin’ in the sun so the route I take To Travis Lake

A favourite place where I can unwind and be

At one with nature and nature at one with me



01.04.23 – 49:1) April 1st a new month starts, a month for the poetry arts

New ground to be broken, hopefully more new poems to be spoken

Before I begin today, I reflect on yesterday

AWR not many animals I could see

I was told they had a big release and many were now free

But there was still quite a range includin’ a possum with mange

I’m in the mammal room it’s passin’ by

He stops looks up at me as if to say hi

I look an’ smile it’s gonna be here for a while

But it’s the best place to be

Plenty of TLC before t last it will be set free

Like the Lone Ranger ridin’ off into the setting sun

An’ staff thinkin. “another job well done”.


50:2) Breakfast over I’m away to Mayfield Park for NaPoWriMo’s opening day

An event that like as not Thom’s got a slot

So I’ll purport to give him moral support

I go, we meet an’ then, he tells me he’s not on while ten

Suggests I go walkabout find something to write about

So I’m away to the fore, in Part of Austin I ain’t seen before


51:3) First thought a photo of the Peacock Consort

Then under the Texas sun, I wander the trails and with nature feel at one

Listenin’ to the birds in the trees singin’

An; from a distance baroque music on recorders ringin’

A choice of trails to take, Taylors Creek, Bluff and one to Austin Lake

Wanderin the trails and snappin’ away hopin’ inspiration will come my way

But for now let tranquillity exude an’ I enjoy the solitude


52:4) Through the ornamental garden I make my way

See what the signs got to say

About invasive species they don’t need

Preventing local planes for taking seed

A continuous fight to keep things right

Keep local growth alive help it thrive

For our children and others to look upon when we are gone

And more fore ever and ever and ever more


53:5) by Lake Austin lost in thought is when I realise Thom’s on at ten

So I make my way back to hear what he’s got to say

I find I got to wait for is first score

Cos’ the recorder group was asked to do an encore

I thought it was right they should, they were really good

An’ were I still in radio would have loved to have had them on my show


54:6) The event hasn’t come alive but I see Wendy arrive

How nice to meet once more an’ capture it in a poetry score

Then it begins we listen to poetry, music an’ get to know

How to make certain plants grow

We let the morning flow an’ all too soon Thom closes the show

But before we start rushin’ away they say

“One final song with percussion, we got maracas,

An’ one thing more have we any volunteers to play the garden shears”

As impromptu, as could be I thought that someone is me

I clip let the music play, I keep my fingers out of the way

I’m thinkin’ “a different way to be heard and another to keep Austin weird”


55:7) We’d finished out poetry and song,

Then I realised I’d got things wrong

I had been there before on my 2012 poetry tour

I’d passed that way on my second full day

Facebook album shows me, doing my bit for ecology

Replacin’ a frame on a newly planted tree, an’ makin’ the most

Of what to see before headin’ for the coast

So in the main it made even better to be there again


Written in San Marcos as part of a project

56:8) Water rises from San Marcos Springs

Flowing down through San Marcos Town

Said to have begun to flow well before humans came over 1200 years ago

Clear life giving like life giving blood

There has been drought, there has been flood

Sometimes things haven’t looked good

But with the springs being the third largest in Texas it’s probably why

In recorded history it’s never run dry


57:9) Fragile environment at the whim of man

Takes from the river what he can

Payin’ no mind to the damage left behind

Payin’ no heed to Fauna an’ Flora’s need

Causin’ strife for the different wildlife

Habitat gone, the endangered species list they’re on

Let warnings be heeded, good management needed

Not getting worse but more biologically diverse


58:10) It runs through the town bringing people down

For recreation an’ fun all year round.

People fishing, for the big one wishing

Paddle a canoe with strength, navigate its length

But use it with care so it’s still there

Do not destroy but leave for future generations to enjoy


59:11) Species in peril, there’s a alack, protect them bring them back

Simple solution cut down pollution warnings heed take only what you need

Activities well meant, fragile environment

Keep it alive help it survive, make a start play your part

Don’t let it end in tears, think of future years

With determined mind, be proud of what you’ll leave behind


60:12) Time at San Marcos Library well spent

Got poems for tonight, written as it went

Decide to call it a day and be away

See a guy at the counter standin’ there,

I think “I know him form somewhere”

Familiar flat cap worn from front to back

I passed looked then was taken aback

Then I said “Hi” to my friend Magic Jack


61:13) I decided to take a time out

An’ walk by the river I’d written about

San Marcos treasure people use it for pleasure

Tubin’ canoein’ paddle boarding by givin a wave an a smile an sayin; “Hi”

I’m snappin away and I say

“You’re gonna be famous in facebook in the UK”

The smile, we chat they float away

An’ I’ll long remember our conversations on the river that day


62:14) I’m watchin’ the river flow

Lookin’ at the little fish swimmin’ below

So clear, so clean, with teh sunlight giving a glistening sheen

Showin’ it is our wealth; let’s keep it in good health

Our best investment ever, with us forever


63:15) Wake the Dead done, back to Austin I run

Set the GPO to tell me which way it will be

Which way will I drive to get to I-35

The way it tells me I head, soon I-35’s ahead

I’m on it an’ the drive goes alright so it’s soon back an’ an early night


02.04.23 – 64:16) This morning I’m found, Gonzales bound

GPS skills honed , arrived to find the Pow-Wow postponed

Site under repair, it wasn’t happening there or elsewhere

Stay a while my best bet, thought “I ain’t had breakfast yet

Come and Crepe it across the square, thought “I’ll nip in there “

Crepes an’ omelettes to savour, add your own flavour

Thought, “A crepe’ll suit me, four toppings for free”

Bacon, sausage, mushrooms an’ monterey jack

It’s eaten an’ my days back on track

Photos taken to show where I’ve been, an’ what I’ve seen

An’ friends can look at my album on Facebook

Then a surprise, visit to the local fireguys we chat a while, joke an’ smile

Then I’m away to carry on the tour

Palmetto State Park for a few hours or more

Lookin’ for inspiration for my next poetry score

One of many I find designed with the family in mind

To get away, relax or play, plenty for exploring, never boring

More pictures taken history learnt it’s gone alright

Then it’s back to Austin for downloads an’ updates

But most of all poetry at Kick Butt tonight


65:17) Downloads an’ updates done, to Kick Butt I run

Some of the same old crowd, ready to speak out loud

An’ some newbies come along to share their poetry an’ song

Running order made, lights fade music intro then it’s go

Each in turn an’ it’s a delight

As always at Kick Butt on a Sunday night


03.04.23 – 66:18) Another day grey but the winds warm

Point the car to AWR always a great way

To start the day, with breakfast on the way

Find out what’s to be done, an’ try to make it fun

For the li’l critturs that’s in my care

An’ it don’t hamper my work as they scamper

Wantin’ to play, getting in the way

An’ there’s som as might, try to bite

It’s all good fun, then it’s done

An’ I’m away to enjoy the afternoon sun

An’ tonight, new ground will be broke my poems’ll be spoke

At a new venue Fredos on Congress Avenue

The stage I’ll be on thinkin’ “Bring it on”


67:19) Last night an event generated humour

It seemed with my name I’d made a bloomer

Mistaking the V for a U, I was announced as Treu

Soon corrected so they would know it as Trev the Road Poet

A brief explanation for my recitation

Tree poems, pause, take the applause

So between Treu or Trev when my poems are heard

Trev is always preferred


68:20) Took myself away for part of the day

Solitude again chasin’, this time at Wild Basin

A nature preserve to keep things undefiled

Their motto “Keep it Wild”

Birds singin’ in the trees, a gentle cooling breeze

See what there is to see, relax an’ have some time for me


69:21) Before day end, look in on a new fried

Make plans to do what we like, struttin’ our stuff at an open mic

Decide the time to set of for our evenin’ of rhyme

Then back to the motel the winds blowin’ warm,

There’s talk of a thunderstorm

But for now I’ve done for the night

Let’s see what happens in tomorrow’s daylight


05.04.23 – 70:22) To the car I’m strollin’ can hear thunder rollin’

Rain comin’ down as I head downtown

Traffic slowin’ heavy goin’, patch of blue sky, I pay it no mind

Cos there’s more heavy grey cloud behind 


71:23) I’m at the AWR workin’ away for the first part of the day

Squirrels sure is fun, round the cages they run

As if frantic, to them it’s one big antic

An’ they don’t mind a stroke form the poetry bloke

Soon they’re done an’ it’s outside it’s now sun

An’ I hope it don’t scorch cos’ I’m in the porch

Animals soon fed, an’ given towels for a clean bed

The photos with lovin’ feelin’ of porcupines in stages of healin’

In my facebook albums they’ll go far

Keepin’ people informed of the love an’ care given at AWR

AWR done to the library I run

Update done I gotta go I’m meetin’ Thon at KOOP Radio

While there we feature in a “Writing on Air”

A programme of great conception, we meet in reception

I get to know, Mindy who’s presenting the show

I learn it’s making a welcome return

Promoting poetry art and I’m really proud to be playi’n my part


06.04.23 – 73:25) Rain’s comin’ down sky’s grey

Looks like it’s in for the day

Motel not much fun can’t get my laundry done

Cash fee download an app pay on line Wi-Fi don’t work so it ai’nt fine

Adding to the gloom, yesterday they forgot to clean my room

Things are getting’ to be a joke for this travellin’ bloke

Cos’ yeaterday there was a bit more sorrow not an iron anywhere to borrow

Goin’ out for breakfast get me some foosd

An’ see if this afternoons workshop puts me in a better mood


74:26) Sittin’ in the car listenin’ to the rain, at the library once again

Suits me fine, opens at nine

Over breakfast had a phone call from Connie so I’m knowin’

In Lamesa how things is goin’ we chat a while  I smile

Hope when here I’ll have a relaxin time an’ do more rhyme

Drivin’ there I’ll not be lurkin’ but hopin’ her washin’ machine’s workin’

Come sun wind or rain drivin’ across the Panhandle Plain

Well now to get things up to date an’ just so

Cos’ its nine-o-clock an’ time to go

Poems 75:27 – 88:40 at Lazy Daze Workshop

75:27) Children a blessing

Today and everyday

Hope for the future


76;28) Fall colours turning

From green to brown leaves drop

Winter on its way


77:29) Nothing on tv

Worth watching, soon I’m

Asleep and snoring


78:30) Had rain all morning

No sign of it stopping, hence

Rain this afternoon


79:31) Rain, tears from the sky

From clouds weeping and sobbing,

Drop on earth below


80:32) Sun rain fog, frost, Snow

Warming wetting, eerily

Freezing, enchanting


81:33) I love the spring when the year is young

and the flowers have sprung

I love the summer when flowers yield their colours in garden and field

I love autumn when leaves turn from green to gold

The year slowly getting old

I love winter, the ice and snow, making my nose and fingers glow

It melts and then, spring comes round again


82:34) Knowledge to be had

Self learned or taught by others

Knowledge there for us


83:35) I can live without

Hypocrisy, greed and more

But not without love


84:36) There’s life on this world

And others who may have seen it

Don’t want to visit


85:37) Meditating, relaxing

Contemplating, drifting away

Finding inner peace


86:38) Let me be at one

With myself and myself be

At one with me


87:39) Mt art written word

Then spoken out, loud and proud

Written word my art


88:40) Art, being able to write story of fable

Write a song to sing, joy to bring

Picture painting, drawing, sketching

Sculpting, carving and fetching

New ideas to the fore, going on for evermore


89:41) A text from Chris said “can I join you for Wake the Dead”

“Sure” I said “a lift I’ll give text me where you live”

The address was sent, on the gps it went

Time to go we set of but didn’t know

All along I’d put the address in wrong

Tp our cost me an’ Jojo were lost

A call to Chris, directions sent, this time on paper they went

Got to where we should have been where was seen

I realised I should have checked better I’d added an extra letter

A u that shouln’t have been there, almost got us nowhere

It happened before when v was mistaken for u

I thought what do I do to make it plain u doesn’t cause problems again 


90:42) Chris’ directions couldn’t have been better followed to the letter

To his house then away down the interstate We knew we’d be late

But never mind google told us how to find

Wake the Dead, soon we were there our poems read

It really was great to be back

But I thought “Where the hell was Magic Jack”.


07.04.23 – 91;43) Raining now two days in a row

Once more to the AWR I go

Pouring down as I head out of town

As usual breakfast on the way, usually a good part of the day 

Baby possums bedding changed. Food an’ formula given

Nose dippin. Soon some of ‘em’s sippin’

In one cage an empty bowl, possum lookin’ on

Maybe thinkin. “ Where’s it gone?”

If it could speak, could I think for sure

Like Oliver Twist it would say “Please Sir I want some more”


92:44) Well the li’l critturs were done in mammal room 2

That left the bigger ones in the corridor to do

I pitched in with a smile thinkin’ I ain’t done theses for a while

I’m chatti’ away to ‘em I don’t know wht

But thought “if Doolittle can talk to the animals so can I”

Got things just so then it was time to go

Took one last photo which on facebook I’d share

To show my facebook friends how the animals get love and care 

On this years tour album they’ll find it

An’ also see the volunteers behind it


93:45)  I decide to be at the library

Update my album an’ upload poems to my usb

It’s done I compose another score then away I run

Can’t help but frown, the rain’s still comin’ down

But I’m gonna see my new friend Jojo an’ share my poetry

I get my book start an’ show at times I can speak slow

On demand so folks understand without dismay what I got to say

Then we go out to eat I say my treat

No delayin’ no complainin, an it’s still rainin

We decide MacDonald’s’ll do r order fish burger meals for two

She tries something new it makes her smile

It’s my English malt vinegar, Yorkshire style

Back at the house we take delight

Listenin’ to music some of which inspired me to write

Even take the chance at havin’ a little dance

An’ she don’t get blue if I sing a line or two

Cos’ that ain’t all she smiles when I sing in a Texas drawl

It was a real delight, then time to say goodnight

To my motel I’m away wonderin’ if I should sing Lou Reed’s Perfect Day


08.04.2023 – 94:36) Sky’s grey as day comes alive

They say temperature could reach 75

I go outside an’ it’s cool I’m thinkin’ are they playin the fool

Soon I’m away omn te 183 an’ it’s when

I decide to listen to variations of Pachelbel’s canon all 10

Remembering’ the time I had writers block It inspired my rhyme

Now it’s remindin’ me of home, where I’ll be at the end of my roam

But can’t be maudlin, no time for dawdlin’

Or feeling blue, I’m at the AWR an’ I got a job to do 


95:37) Thought I’d get some cheap gas but things didn’t look right

It seemed the prices had gone up overnight

Didn’t seem nice, up 10 cents a gallon on yesterday’s price

An’ some gas stations seemed intent on making plenty,

Putting their prices up by twenty

So I put enough in to get me around an’ hope that cheaper gas can be found 

Cos’ the low price didn’t last,

An’ I’m thinkin’ it’s shame the temperature don’t rise as fast


96:48) Once more away I’m bound, need coffee to bring me round

Coffee infusion to ward off confusion

A party outside began this morning at half past one

Over two hours before they were done

Lettin’ their music blast, gone 3:30 before sleep at last

Now down the road I run, another mornin’ where I an’t seen the sun


97:49) Li’s possum disappeared, we looked here an’ there

Couldn’t find him anywhere

High an’ low, wonderin’ where he could go

An’ it weren’t goin’ fine, of it there was no sign

Couldn’t be found, like it had gone to ground

But we couldn’t be lurkin’ we carried on workin’

An’ luck was on its side for when AJ looked inside

The litterbin she was taken aback, there it was lookin’ back

Now found, back safe an’ sound,

So we can tell all’s well that ends well


10.04.23 – 98:50) To the AWR I’m away for my last day

Still goin’ to give my best, before tomorrow I head West

Hopin’ to write many a score on the next leg of my poetry tour


99:51) Mammal room two the squirrels the first to do

Clean their cages from within

But notice one outside lookin’ in help sought, he’s soon caught

He’ll go in a cage that’s one short

In one cage should be five but only four so delighted to see him reunited

With his friends but next it was no jape

When another possum made an escape

Again we looked high an’ low, tryin’ to find where it could go

Then I have to flee an’ it’s still free

I’m told “no need to be sore it’s happened before”

An’ I’m drivin away hopin’ it’s found before the end of the day


100:52) The library then Jojo’s an’ a nice surprise

She’s done me a burger an’ fries

Then we go out an’ follow the road to Hippie Hollow

A relaxin’ afternoon break at Travis Lake

Takin’ our ease, feelin the breeze

Like soothing balm, wonderfully calm

Call for donuts on the way back, it’s gone alright

An’ we got an open mic at Freddo’s tonight


101:53) I put my name on the list so I wasn’t missed

Writing carefully so they could see, my name ended with a v

Hopefully to my delight, it would be pronounced right

An’ for a bit of fun too I wrote “Trev not Treu”.


102:54) Jojoan me’s on 7 and 8 so we don’t get back late

Cos’ tomorrow I got an early start

As we say goodbye I hope we don’t cry

Cos’ I got another friend that’ll travel in my heart



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