2023: Trev returns to Texas for National Poetry Month incorporating NaPoWriMo: Part 4 Lamesa

Image: Forest Park where many past event of teh Forest Fest took place, it holds some happy memories






12.04.23 – 104:56) Things went right I got my washing done last night

A comfy bed almost slept like the dead

Day began dawning I looked out to a sunny morning

Shorts the order of the day but before I’m away

I been lookin’ round, no iron to be found

Got some tee shirts that need pressin’ not to depressin’

They’ll do for a day or two

Can do ‘em all if they got one at my next port of call


105:57) I’m drivin’ round letting memories abound

Of how things used to be when we

Headed West for the Lamesa Forest Fest

Poets an’ singers converge to see what’s goin’ down

In that friendly West Texas town

Eventually like as such for Connie it got too much

But many yearn for it to return, hopin’ not in vain

Forest Fest will one day be on the Texas Poetry Calendar again


106:58) Dusty found the iron but it was too late

My clothes aren’t in that bad a state

After sweatin’ in the hot Texas sun,

They may well look like they ain’t been done

An nit’s only one day afore I maybe able to borrow

An iron at my next accommodation tomorrow


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