2023: Trev returns to Texas for National Poetry Month incorporating NaPoWriMo: Part 4 Autin to Lamesa

Image: A nice clear road, it was like that most of the way once I got past Liberty Hill. 



11.04.23 – 103:55) I’m up packed and away,

For some reason the gps doesn’t want to play

No joke, it seems the on/off switch is broke

Looks like I’m gonna be, drivin’ from memory

Eventually it comes on an’ say calculatin’ for it to kick in I’m waitin’

An’ it keeps sayin’ calculatin’ an’ I keep waitin’

Then it kicks in an’ the way found

But it seems it’s a different way round

Eventually takes me to where I need to be

I can tell it’s a familiar road I know so well

Drivin’ through snatches of fog patches

An’ the miles roll away as carries on the day

An’ it gets me to where I want to be

Once again, Lamesa across the Panhandle Plain

I’m not dejected, I’m at Connie’s sooner than expected

An’ as for the gps glitch

I think I found a way to bypass the on/off switch


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