2023: Trev returns to Texas for National Poetry Month incorporating NaPoWriMo: Part 10 Edinburg to Austin

Image: Bob “Mudd” McMahon, Me, Thom. UI IO called at Thom’a to see Bob we met in 20911. Bob is an ecological poet and musiciamn he recycles recyclable items to make musical instument. he also scuplts in mus and paper pulp.  When the three of us are together we are known as the Commonwealth Poets, two Ausies and a Limey Guy 


26.04.23 – 177:129) Goodbye’s said, away I head,

Break of Day, Austin over 300 miles away

Drivin through town I notice gas prices gone further down

But I don’t frown cos’ soon I’m on the 281 Northwards I run

An’ there’s seen, raindrops on the windscreen

Border Patrol guy asks “anyone else in the car?” I say “No”

He say’s “Ok go” I’, thinkin’ “nice” don’t need tellin’ twice

Sun comdes out an’ I find

Lookin’ in the mirror I’ve left the grey shies behind

Now let me hear the country music sound, an’ cover me some ground


178:130) Miles covered, roads clear, a route I know

North of San Antonio goin’ gets slow

Slightly erratic but a least it’s not static

Austin’s in sight, turn right on Ben White

Spoon into Thom’s street I’m turnin’

The Road Warrior again returnin’


179:131) Stop a short spell let Thom’s know all’s well

An’ a blast from the past, Bob Mudd’s here at last

Photo taken I say I’m gonna drop in on Jojo

Thom says “right bring her to the open mic tonight”

I say “okay thinkin’ the perfect end to my last day”


180:132) At Jojo’s we smile an’ rest awhile

Told her about tonight, to her delight

We talked about my tour, how good it was to meet once more

Rested while longer, then the call of the open mic the stronger

Not far, corner of Oltdorf Street an’ North Lamar

OPA Bob an’ Thom’s already there to do many a score

As the Commonwealth Poets ride again once more

Sure was a delight on my last night

Take Jojo home and so ends the day for tomorrow I must away

Brushin’ away a tear, an’ hopin to return next year


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