The 10 Most Pet-Friendly Cities in America for Dog and Cat Lovers – News

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Americans are obsessed—with their pets.
Regardless of whether you’re a dog lover, a cat fanatic, or an exotic-animal enthusiast, there are certain cities that are more pet-friendly than others. That matters a lot to pet parents who are increasingly focusing on their animals’ happiness when choosing a place to live.
And it’s why pet owners might want to consider living in Tucson, AZ.
Tucson tops the list as the best place for pet parents and their furry, feathered, and scaly babies, according to a recent Forbes Advisor report. The city boasts good access to low-cost veterinary care and plenty of pet stores. There are also plenty of dog-friendly businesses, including many restaurants with patios that allow diners to eat outside with their pups.
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“Pet ownership is on the rise nationwide, making pet-friendly amenities and pet-related costs top of mind for many Americans who are looking to relocate,” says Forbes Advisor spokesperson Zoi Galarraga.
About two-thirds of Americans are pet owners, according to Forbes Advisor. Roughly 4 in 5 pet owners considered their animals’ needs before renting or buying a home, according to a recent® survey. And about 87% of homebuyers with animals take their pets’ needs into consideration when choosing a neighborhood.
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To come up with its findings, Forbes Advisor analyzed the availability of pet-friendly apartments, veterinary costs and access, pet-friendly spaces, and the concentration of pet stores in the 91 largest cities.
These are the top cities for pet owners:
The least pet-friendly cities were also the most expensive for real estate, veterinary care, and just about everything else.
Los Angeles was deemed the worst for animal lovers. It was followed by New York City; Silicon Valley’s San Jose, CA; San Francisco; and Boston.
* The median home list prices in the city are as of March using data.
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