Simpson Thacher’s Gift To Associates Goes Over Like A Lead Balloon

Businessman sleeping with feet up at desk

What? This *isn’t* the recommended way to catch up on sleep??

It’s unusual for a *gift* to go over this badly. Most times when Biglaw firms hand out various pieces of branded swag, associates are pleased — or at worst, indifferent — with the token. But when the gift calls attention to the problems with working in a Biglaw shop, well, folks are going to get annoyed.

As reported by Roll on Friday, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett celebrated World Sleep Day (a holiday you probably didn’t even know existed) by handing out sleep-themed gifts. But touting the benefits of good sleep hygiene at a workplace that is likely responsible for the *bad* sleep you’re getting can sure feel like a gut punch.

Sources said the gifts were misconceived and that handing out sleeping aids was “ironic” given that STB’s corporate teams in London “are regularly made to work until 3am”.

To really rub it in, the “tone deaf” pack also included a Simpson Thacher branded silk eye mask and a pillow spray containing speed essential oils “known for their relaxing properties”.

Rounding out the goodies was a book, Why We Sleep, which argues that slumber is the “most important” factor for physical and mental health.

Like lot of work/life balance issues, Biglaw firms have to tread carefully. Certainly recognizing the importance of sleep is a good thing for Simpson to do! But lavender scented STB-branded oils isn’t getting the job done — getting partners to cut back on the unnecessary fire drills, on the other hand…

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