Scottsdale students defaced property with hateful images on Holocaust studies, district says – ABC15 Arizona in Phoenix

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Scottsdale Unified School District is investigating an incident involving students reportedly defacing school property with hateful imagery. 
The district confirmed to ABC15 that instructional material was damaged at Desert Canyon Middle School during studies of World War II and the Holocaust. 
A seventh-grade teacher recently sent an email to families saying: ”Multiple unnamed students thought it was humorous to draw swastikas on the faces of deceased Holocaust victims; additionally unnamed students decided to tear and rip-up my posters about the Holocaust.”
The letter went on to read:
“I wish I could tell you all that this was the only instance of students being disrespectful during our World War II unit; but that wouldn’t be honest of me. This has been a very difficult year as a result of the behavior of multiple unnamed students so I encourage all parents to please discuss with your children why the Holocaust was such a terrible moment in our world’s history and why it is important for us to understand this history; many of our students are not expressing empathy and this is something I find deeply disturbing. Any reinforcement of these values would be greatly appreciated.” 
An investigation is underway by school and district officials, as well as a Scottsdale Police Department School Resource Officer.
This recent incident at our school is a clear indication that there is still much work to be done to help students understand this part of history and the impact it still has on people in our community, even today,” the district said in a statement. “Students should understand the pain their actions can inflict on others.”
The school says it is a “designated… ‘No Place for Hate School,’ in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League.” School officials say, “as part of this program, students and staff work together to identify issues and implement activities that are designed to grow empathy and inclusion on campus.”
The district told ABC15 “any student determined to have been involved will be held accountable, in accordance with the district’s Student Code of Conduct.”
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