Mashvisor’s Airbnb API: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to integrate the most reliable short term rental data into your app or website? Read on to learn more about Mashvisor’s Airbnb API.

An API, short for Application Programming Interface, allows different software applications to communicate with each other. APIs can be thought of as a set of rules and protocols that define how different software systems should interact with one another. By providing a standardized way to communicate, APIs make it easier to integrate data into certain apps and websites.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Mashvisor’s Airbnb API, and Who Is It for? 
  2. Mashvisor API vs. Airbnb API
  3. How to Access Mashvisor’s Airbnb API

For instance, if you need short term rental data for your own website, you can easily access the finest real estate data using Mashvisor’s Airbnb API. Mashvisor data API lets you import the Airbnb data that you need, whenever you need it. With API, you can benefit from accessing real estate information and integrating it into your own application or real estate system. 

Mashvisor’s Airbnb API provides a range of data about short term rental properties, including rental income, Airbnb occupancy rate, cash flow projections, and investment property analysis. You can access and manipulate the data through Mashvisor’s API endpoints, which are URLs that developers can use to send requests to Mashvisor’s servers.

As real estate investors, brokers, or property managers, easy access to accurate, reputable, and up-to-date Airbnb data can help grow your business and lead you to success. Mashvisor’s Airbnb API can help hosts decide whether or not it’s a good idea to list in a particular area. Guests can also find the most economical booking platform to use.

In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know about the Mashvisor API.

What Is Mashvisor’s Airbnb API, and Who Is It for?

Mashvisor is a real estate analytics platform that provides investors with insights and data to help them make informed decisions about buying and renting properties. Mashvisor’s real estate data API is a service that allows developers to access and use Mashvisor’s reliable real estate data.

It is a powerful tool that lets you access and use Airbnb data and integrate it into your own applications. Whether you’re a real estate investor, a property manager, a real estate agent, or a travel app developer, Mashvisor’s Airbnb API can help you make more informed decisions and create more engaging user experiences. 

Access to Airbnb APIs can help you succeed in your short term rental investing journey as it provides you with reliable insights about the market condition and property analysis. Mashvisor API provides detailed information about certain Airbnb properties per month based on actual and active Airbnb rentals. You can access the following data using Mashvisor API:

  • Airbnb nightly rate
  • Airbnb occupancy rate
  • Projected monthly revenue
  • Unbooked nights

In general, using Mashvisor’s Airbnb API allows you to access accurate real estate information, in-depth Airbnb data analysis, and solid and up-to-date calculations on return projections. You can access them for various states, cities, neighborhoods, and zip codes in our database, which contains over two million Airbnb properties across the US.

Who Should Use Mashvisor’s Airbnb API?

Mashvisor’s Airbnb API is designed for real estate investors, real estate brokers and agents, property managers, and travel app developers. In fact, all real estate professionals who need to access and integrate Mashvisor’s reliable Airbnb data and analysis into their own websites can benefit from Mashvisor’s Airbnb API. 

Here’s how Mashvisor API can benefit these real estate stakeholders:

  • Real estate investors can use the API to research Airbnb rental income and occupancy rates in specific areas. It helps them make more informed decisions about which properties to buy and rent as short term rentals. 
  • Real estate agents can use Mashvisor’s Airbnb API to identify properties that are suitable for vacation rentals on Airbnb. Such information is useful for helping clients who want to invest in Airbnb find the best short term rental markets
  • Property managers can use the API to monitor their Airbnb listings and adjust pricing and availability based on real-time data. It allows them to maximize their short term rental income based on current market trends and reliable market insights.
  • Travel app developers can use the API to integrate Airbnb listings and reviews into their apps or websites, creating a more engaging user experience for their users.

Benefits of Using Mashvisor’s Airbnb API

There are several reasons why those who need to access Airbnb analytics, real estate data, and market insights should use Mashvisor’s Airbnb API, including the following:

1. Airbnb Data Access

Mashvisor’s Airbnb API provides access to valuable data on Airbnb listings, including pricing, occupancy rates, and reviews. The data can help you better understand the local market and make more informed decisions about pricing, marketing, and managing properties.

2. Competitive Advantage

You can gain a competitive advantage over others who can’t access the Airbnb data you get from Mashvisor API. It is important, especially in markets where Airbnb is popular among travelers. It can help you attract more guests and maximize your income, especially in areas where there is a high demand for short term rentals.

3. New Revenue Streams

Mashvisor API lets you easily identify investment opportunities that are a good fit for Airbnb. If you are an investor and already own a long term rental, getting access to such information offers new opportunities for additional revenue streams. You can expand your own businesses by buying the most profitable Airbnb for sale.

4. Maximized Income

Mashvisor API provides access to real-time data on Airbnb listings and market insights. You can also obtain the Airbnb listing historical performance, top reviewed homes, and best cities for Airbnb. It is helpful information for making a strategic plan on how to best position your property to maximize your earning potential.

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5. Improved Marketing Strategies

By analyzing Airbnb data through Mashvisor’s API, you can develop better marketing strategies for your short term rental properties. The data can help you identify popular Airbnb amenities so you can highlight them in your marketing materials to attract renters.

Sign up for API access from Mashvisor today and take advantage of these benefits and more.

Mashvisor API vs. Airbnb API

Mashvisor is a real estate analytics platform that provides real estate data and property information to help investors find the best investment property. It also provides rental property analysis that’s necessary for making crucial investment decisions. On the other hand, Airbnb is a home-sharing platform that lets vacation rental owners list their properties for rent.

Mashvisor’s Airbnb data API and Airbnb’s API both offer access to Airbnb data and insights, but they differ in their functionality and target audience. In this section, we will compare Mashvisor API versus Airbnb API, and explore the features and uses of each.

What Data Does Mashvisor API Provide?

Mashvisor’s real estate data API offers a wide range of data on real estate listings. What sets Mashvisor API apart from Airbnb API is that the former provides access to a various real estate information, not just Airbnb properties. You’ll access other data, including long term rental data and MLS listings. 

Here are the things you can access with Mashvisor API:

  • Property Information
    • Property type (single family, townhouse, condo/coop, multifamily, other)
    • Address
    • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
    • Property Size
    • Year build
    • Walk score
    • Tax and tax history
    • List price
    • Price per square feet
    • Days on the market
    • Amenities
    • Seller, agent, and builder info
    • Expenses
  • Property Ownership
    • Owner’s name
    • Address
    • Contact details
    • Other information
  • Investment Analysis
    • Long term rental income, cap rate, ROI, vacancy rate
    • Short term rental income, cap rate, ROI, occupancy rate
    • Down payment
    • Loan type
    • Interest rate
    • Payment type
    • Maintenance and management costs 
    • Property tax
    • Home insurance
    • Startup cost
  • Rental Rates
    • Expected monthly rent for a studio unit
    • Expected monthly rent for one room
    • Expected monthly rent for two rooms
    • Expected monthly rent for three rooms
    • Expected monthly rent for four rooms
  • Predictive Scores
    • Investment likelihood through Property Finder
    • Mashmeter
    • Recommended properties
  • Short Term Rental Data and Analytics
    • Airbnb rental income
    • Airbnb rental daily rate
    • Cash flow
    • Cash on cash return
    • Cap rate
    • Airbnb rental occupancy rate
    • Airbnb rental reviews and ratings
    • Neighborhood historical performance
    • Airbnb historical performance
    • Airbnb listing info
    • Market summary
    • Super hosts, top-reviewed homes, newly listed homes
  • Long Term Rentals Data and Analytics
    • Long term rental income
    • Long term rental cash on cash return
    • Long term rental cap rate
    • Cash flow
    • Neighborhood historical performance
    • Long term rental listing info
  • Trends
    • Top Airbnb cities
    • City summary
    • Listing prices
    • Location heatmap
  • RentoCalculator
    • Nearby listings
    • Historical Performance

How Does Mashvisor’s Airbnb API Work?

Users will access a set of API endpoints that allow them to retrieve data on specific listings, such as pricing, availability, reviews, and more. Mashvisor API also lets them access aggregate data on entire markets, making it a valuable tool for market research and property analysis. 

Mashvisor API also offers a range of features designed to help developers get the most out of the Airbnb data they access. The features include filtering options to refine search results, custom data exports, and the ability to save and share data sets. It also includes detailed documentation and customer support to help developers get up and running quickly.

With Mashvisor’s Airbnb API, you can research your preferred short term rental market and access any market or property information that you need. You’ll get access to the number of active Airbnb listings, comparable rental estimates, and median listing price. Plus, you will gain useful insights into the city’s investment performance and its top areas for vacation rentals.

Here’s the list of vacation rental data that you can access:

  • Cash flow
  • Cap rate
  • Cash on cash return
  • Occupancy rate
  • Rental income
  • Daily rate
  • Airbnb reviews and ratings
  • Best cities for Airbnb

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What Data Does Airbnb API Provide?

Airbnb API is designed for developers and hosts who want to integrate Airbnb listings and reviews into their own websites, such as travel apps or booking sites. Airbnb API is ideal for developers and hosts who want to offer a more seamless user experience by allowing users to book Airbnb listings directly through their app or website. 

The Airbnb API provides a range of data on Airbnb listings, including the following:

  • Listing information: Users can retrieve data on individual Airbnb listings, including information on the property type, location, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  They can also retrieve amenities information, such as Wi-Fi, parking, kitchen functionality, and more.
  • Availability: The API can provide information on the availability of individual listings, including upcoming reservations and blackout dates.
  • Pricing: Users can retrieve data on the pricing of individual listings, including nightly rates, cleaning fees, and security deposits (if any).
  • Reviews: Airbnb API can also provide data on the reviews of individual listings, including the number of reviews, average rating, and the content of individual reviews.
  • Host information: Airbnb API also provides data on individual hosts, including their profile information, verification status, and response rate.

Note that, unlike Mashvisor, Airbnb API only provides information about Airbnb listings. Developers and Airbnb owners can use this Airbnb data to create custom applications, analyze market trends, and make informed business decisions.

How Does Airbnb API Work?

Airbnb API works by allowing developers to make HTTP requests to the Airbnb servers and receive JSON- or XML-formatted responses containing the requested data. 

Airbnb API includes a range of features designed to help developers and short term rental owners integrate Airbnb data into their own applications or websites. The features include the ability to search for listings based on specific criteria, such as location and price range. It also comes with the ability to retrieve detailed information on individual listings. 

In addition, Airbnb API also includes a variety of tools for managing bookings and payments, which may be useful for property managers and vacation rental owners.

To access the Airbnb API, developers need to register for an API key and authenticate their requests using OAuth2. Once authenticated, developers can make requests to the API using HTTP GET or POST requests, specifying the data they wish to retrieve in the request URL. 

When a request is made, the Airbnb API servers respond with structured data in the specified format, such as JSON or XML. Developers can then parse the data received and use it to build custom applications or integrate Airbnb data into existing software.

It’s worth noting that Airbnb imposes rate limits on API requests to prevent excessive usage and maintain server stability. Developers must ensure that their requests do not exceed such limits and are properly optimized to minimize unnecessary requests.

How Mashvisor API Differs From Airbnb API

While both platforms offer access to Airbnb data, Mashvisor API differs from Airbnb API in several ways:

  • Data provided: Mashvisor provides holistic real estate data and property information, not only about Airbnb listings. It also offers access to information on long term rental listings, investment analysis, property ownership, and rental comps. In contrast, Airbnb API only provides data on active Airbnb properties.
  • Functionality: Mashvisor’s API is designed for those who want to access and analyze Airbnb data in their own websites or applications. Airbnb API, on the other hand, is designed for those who want to integrate Airbnb listings and reviews into their own apps or websites.
  • Level of customization: Mashvisor’s API allows developers to filter data and customize exports, making it ideal for market research and property analysis. Airbnb’s API offers tools for managing bookings and payments through a third-party website that directly integrates with the Airbnb platform.
  • Target audience: Mashvisor API is ideal for all real estate stakeholders who need to access market insights, real estate data, and analysis. In contrast, Airbnb API is only suited for hosts and property managers who need to manage their listings and bookings through their own websites and apps.

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How to Access Mashvisor’s Airbnb API

To use Mashvisor’s Airbnb API, developers must first sign up for an API key, which is a unique identifier that allows them to access the API documentation. It provides information on the available API endpoints and how to use them. 

Developers can then send requests to the API endpoints using HTTP requests, specifying the data they want to retrieve and any parameters they want to filter the data by.  Note that the API key needs to be included in all API requests. Mashvisor’s servers will then respond with the requested data in JSON format, which developers can parse and use in their own applications.

Airbnb API - Mashvisor's Airbnb API

Check out the different subscription plans for Mashvisor’s Airbnb API and find the best one for your needs.

Bottom Line

Mashvisor’s Airbnb API is a powerful tool for accessing and using Airbnb data in your own applications and websites. As an investor, being able to access such data can greatly help you with your profitability. With the ability to retrieve data on pricing, availability, reviews, and market insights, you can make the right decision that will lead you to success. 

Plus, Mashvisor’s Airbnb API data can help you create more informed and engaging user experiences for your own website. Mashvisor API uses data from over two million short term rentals, as well as over 11 million MLS listings and more than three million long term rentals. 

With Mashvisor’s data API, you’ll get access to the necessary analytics that can help you get the best out of your real estate investment

If you’re interested in using Mashvisor’s Airbnb API, schedule a demo today and start exploring the possibilities.


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