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The Quantum Leap Strategy

By Mark Johnson Consider this: Today’s smartphone have the same computing power as the whole US government in 1983 3D printing is the only technology where a more complex object doesn’t cost more to make The average lifespan of an S&P 500 company has gone from 67 years to 12 years today Autonomous driving cars…

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Podcast #65: The Upstream Referral Model Featuring Pro Insight CEO Justin Stoddart

Whether you’re in real estate, lending, insurance, wealth management, banking, tax, or other industries that interact with property owners, Big Tech is driving up your cost of client acquisition. So what’s the solution? Listen as Justin Stoddart CEO of Pro Insight lays out an incredible strategy for going upstream in your business model to tap…

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The Best Areas of Gloucester to Invest in Buy-to-Let

Why Invest in Gloucester? Gloucester, with its rich history and excellent transport links, presents a compelling case for investors. Known historically as the ‘Crossroads of England’, the city has always been a well-connected hub, offering direct motorway and rail access to Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, and Oxford. This connectivity, combined with its location in the heart…

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Going After the Middleman

With the presidential election approaching, many chief executives have been glued to the shot clock counting down to Election Day, wondering which companies and industries the Biden-appointed regulatory apparatus — perhaps the most aggressive in a generation — may try to target before it goes to zero. Business leaders have been combing through comments and…

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