Luxury Home Features in Tampa: 7 Features that Define Luxury Real Estate

Welcome to Tampa, FL, a city renowned for its vibrant culture, stunning waterfront, and idyllic year-round weather. If you’re in the market for a luxury home in this thriving city, get ready to discover an array of exceptional features and amenities that will leave you captivated. 

Whether you’re considering living in Tampa or currently looking at homes for sale in the city, Tampa’s luxury real estate market offers a diverse range of lavish homes, each boasting unique attributes that cater to the discerning tastes of potential homebuyers. From waterfront properties with private docks and panoramic views to expansive outdoor living spaces, cutting-edge smart home technologies, and luxurious interiors, this Redfin article unveils the extraordinary features that make luxury homes in Tampa truly stand out. Join us as we delve into the world of luxury home features in Tampa, where your dream residence awaits.

1. Waterfront property

One of the most coveted home features in Tampa is waterfront property. Living on the water offers a unique and desirable lifestyle that perfectly captures the essence of this coastal city. Whether it’s a residence situated directly on the waterfront or one with breathtaking water views, this feature instantly adds a touch of tranquility to any luxury home. Imagine waking up to stunning sunrises over the glistening waves, enjoying the gentle sea breeze from your own backyard, and having easy access to various water activities right from your doorstep. 

Folding doors that provide unobstructed water views are a popular feature to create a sense of openness and connection to the natural environment. These expansive doors seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living spaces, allowing residents to enjoy breathtaking vistas of the surrounding waterways. 

Waterfront property in Sarasota with boat dock

2. New or updated homes

While the city embraces its charming historic architecture, there is a growing demand for modern amenities and contemporary design. New or recently updated homes offer the advantage of modern construction techniques, energy-efficient features, and the latest advancements in home technology.

These homes often boast open floor plans, gourmet kitchens with state-of-the-art appliances, luxurious master suites, and upgraded finishes throughout. From sleek finishes to smart home automation systems, every detail is carefully curated to meet the needs and preferences of today’s discerning homebuyers. 

3. Boat dock

Another sought-after home feature in Tampa, Florida, is a boat dock with a lift. For those who enjoy boating and water sports, having a private dock with a lift adds convenience, security, and endless opportunities for aquatic adventures. When you’re not using the boat, you can use a lift to safely store your boat out of the water, protecting it from the elements and minimizing maintenance. 

private boat dock with lift, a luxury home feature in Tampa, FL

4. High-end finishes

In the luxury real estate market, there are several additional features and amenities that can truly elevate a home listing, setting it apart from other properties. High-end finishes, such as unique marble, granite, or quartz, add a touch of luxury to the home. These additional features and amenities not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contribute to an elevated living experience.

5. Newly remodeled kitchen

A luxury home feature that is quickly gaining popularity among homebuyers for Redfin Premier listings is a newly remodeled kitchen. In today’s real estate market, the kitchen has evolved into more than just a space for meal preparation—it’s the heart of the home and a focal point for socializing and entertaining. 

A newly remodeled kitchen offers a fresh and modern aesthetic, with sleek countertops, high-end appliances, and custom cabinetry that exudes both style and functionality. It provides a seamless blend of form and function, catering to the needs and desires of discerning homeowners. With open-concept layouts, ample storage, and innovative design elements, these remodeled kitchens are perfect for hosting gatherings and creating culinary masterpieces. 

6. Pool and spa

One of the quintessential luxury home features in Tampa is a pool and/or spa, often accompanied by a spacious lanai. The city’s warm climate and abundant sunshine make outdoor living a year-round delight, and a pool and spa area serves as a private oasis within your own property. Whether you prefer to take dips in the pool, relax in the spa, or simply bask in the sun on poolside loungers, a pool and spa offers endless opportunities for relaxation and recreation. 

The addition of a lanai, a covered outdoor area, provides shade and protection from the elements while allowing you to enjoy the poolside ambiance. It serves as an extension of the living space, perfect for relaxing with a book, entertaining guests, or simply unwinding with family and friends. 

One story home with pool


7. Gated communities

Homebuyers in Tampa who are seeking exclusivity, security, and a sense of community often gravitate towards gated communities, especially those situated within prestigious golf communities. 

A gated entry provides an extra layer of privacy and peace of mind, allowing residents to enjoy a heightened sense of security. Within these gated communities, golf enthusiasts have the advantage of convenient access to meticulously designed golf courses, where they can perfect their swing and indulge in their passion for the sport. Additionally, these communities often boast a range of amenities such as clubhouses, fitness centers, swimming pools, and tennis courts, providing a resort-like lifestyle right at your doorstep. 

Top neighborhoods with luxury home features in Tampa

Notable neighborhoods that boast luxury home features include Belleair Beach, Belleair Bluffs, and Belleair Shore, as well as Palm Harbor. These areas are renowned for their exquisite residences and amenities that elevate the standard of luxury living. Bellaire Beach offers an exclusive coastal lifestyle with stunning waterfront properties, pristine beaches, and panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico. Bellaire Bluffs exudes elegance with its tree-lined streets, upscale homes, and close proximity to boutique shops and fine dining. Bellaire Shores boasts a picturesque setting along the Intracoastal Waterway, offering residents unparalleled waterfront living and access to boating and fishing. Palm Harbor, known for its serene natural beauty and golf course communities, provides a tranquil retreat while still being conveniently located near shopping, dining, and cultural attractions. 

Homebuyers are willing to pay premium prices to live in these neighborhoods, and Belleair Shore, in particular, had a median sale price of $5.92 million in December 2022, about 14x the median sale price of in Tampa.

A final note on luxury home features in Tampa

It’s no surprise that proximity to the water is a defining factor of luxury for many homes in Tampa. While it’s common for homes in Pinellas County to be situated on or near the water, what truly adds to the charm and allure is the fact that not all waterfront homes are created equal. The diversity in locations within the county ensures that each property holds its own unique appeal. 

Some luxury homes may boast direct waterfront access, offering breathtaking views and easy navigation for boating enthusiasts. Others may be nestled in peaceful inland neighborhoods, where residents can still enjoy the coastal lifestyle and the beauty of nearby waterways. The variety of options means that luxury can be found in different settings, catering to the preferences and desires of discerning homebuyers. Whether it’s the tranquility of a waterfront retreat or the proximity to the water’s edge, Tampa offers a range of options that contribute to the overall charm and exclusivity of luxury living in the area.

 A local Redfin Premier agent will provide invaluable insights into the market, including an in-depth understanding of the neighborhoods, pricing trends, and available luxury properties. 


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