London Landlords Choose Northern England for Buy-to-Let

Thanks to rising interest rates affecting buyer demand and, in turn, mortgage rates, London house prices have seen reduced growth in the buy-to-let market since 2015.

However, property prices in the North have been rising steadily over the last eight years despite slowing since interest rates rose after the last 18 months. 

With rental demand increasing, rent prices are going up, resulting in substantial yields on good-value northern investments. In Liverpool, City Centre apartment rents have risen by 12%. Meanwhile, the Homelet Rental Index puts rental growth in the North West at 10.43%.

Aneisha Beveridge told the Telegraph: “We saw London house prices rising quickly up until 2015, and then they have gone into this stagnation period.

“In the North, we’ve seen prices rising more. So, investors there have had the best of both worlds over the last seven to eight years.”

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