Australia’s Baby Boom: unpacking the latest birth rate surge and its implications for the property market

Australia is experiencing a baby boom.

While the term ‘baby boom’ often conjures memories of the post-war era, this current trend is not to be underestimated says demographer Simon Kuestenmacher in a recent article in The New Daily

There are implications for various sectors, including healthcare, education, and notably the property market.

This isn’t just a marginal increase in births; it’s substantial enough to be termed a ‘boom’ according to Kuestenmacher.

In 2022 Australia registered 301,000 births – that’s only four per cent below the all-time high of 2018, when we recorded 315,000 births.

Total Number Of Births Registered In Australia 1934 To 2022

The most common age bracket to give birth is now 30-34 but births in the 35-44 year age bracket are also on the rise.

This boom is not an isolated event; it is in the context of global shifts, with other countries like the United States also experiencing birth rate increases.

Our baby boom could be a result of various factors such as increased economic stability, social factors, or even government incentives for families.

When you break it down demographically, each age group might have different motivations for contributing to this trend.

For instance, Millennials might finally be hitting that stage of life where they’re financially secure enough to start families, whereas older generations might be taking advantage of government incentives.

And this boom comes at a time when women our fertility rate is dropping.

Kuestenmacher explains…

“One reason why we have fewer kids is that we start families later in life – there just isn’t enough time left to make heaps of babies.


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