Apartments with parking in Turkey: the ideal solution for those who value their mobility and comfort


Deciding to buy a new flat, you should study all the nuances. Examine the surrounding area, take into account the infrastructure around the new apartment. In new residential developments there are at least one or two parking spaces for each apartment. The car has become an indispensable means of transport, so now each modern family has at least one car. A vast majority of people began to move away from the use of the garage, parking at the entrance of the building became much more convenient.

An ideal solution

If you have already chosen or bought an apartment, it is worth thinking about the parking space. Modern residential complexes are built with a covered parking lot. It is very convenient and secure, the car is supervised and safe. Regardless of the time of year or weather, the car will be protected from rain, sun, sediment. If you buy a house for yourself, for a long term, the parking space will be a true and profitable investment.

Many investors see it as a great business idea. Renting out spaces will help pay back the investment over time.

Reasons to Choose Apartments with Parking in Turkey for Your Next Investment:

  • No more time waste looking for a parking spot;
  • Modern residences are equipped with video cameras, which increases supervision of the car;
  • Protection from the outside environment;
  • Can be used as an investment, business;
  • There is an instalment plan, with nice conditions;
  • Round the clock security;
  • It is convenient to park the cart;
  • Divided space: separate entrance, separate exit;
  • Availability of fire protection system, ventilation;
  • A good investment;
  • In winter, the air temperature in the parking lot does not fall below 5-10 degrees, saving time on warming up the car; 

Buying a space for your car, in the future it is possible to resell it already at a higher price. Property prices are growing, respectively, and parking too.

A few disadvantage

  • When selling the apartment, the parking space is sold separately;
  • Additional costs for utilities, while maintaining parking;


Apartments with parking in Turkey is not only a convenience, but also an investment in the future. After buying a property with a parking space, you can be sure that your car will always be safe and keep its value for a long time. In addition, having your own parking space will allow you to move freely around the city and explore your surroundings without worrying about where to leave your car. With the large amount of cars in the city, of course it is convenient to have your own parking space. The best solution is to buy parking once and not to worry about this issue in the future. 

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