110: 20 Year Old Luxury Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas Killing It! with Adam Rein

Andrew Kerr values others more than himself, and has dedicated his life to helping others through the nonprofit sector. He didn’t come to this realization until he went on a volunteer trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to help those affected by flooding. After this, Andrew decided it was time for a change.
Before these efforts towards nonprofit work, Andrew worked in residential and small commercial banking for about 7 years. While he was making a solid income, he wasn’t satisfied with his job, boss or his commute. To escape the corporate rat race, he decided to begin real estate investing with his first house hack. Once he discovered the power of house hacking, he began to double-down in the art of real estate investing.
These efforts scaled over the years to nearly 40 units in 2016. Once he reached 40, he began selling off some of the properties. He is now sitting with six units between his third house hack and fourth house hack. But having that many properties has not come without their fair share of memorable stories including 20+ evictions, two property fires, and two 1031 exchanges (one that was a fail).
He has used real estate to build long term wealth so he can focus on doing meaningful work he enjoys. Because of his success in real estate investing, he has been able to focus his efforts on the nonprofit sector. He has scaled two small nonprofits to over $1M a year in revenue/donations, and is working towards a goal of raising $25M for charity.
He now spends his time with his wife in New Orleans, raising money for nonprofit organizations, helping educate readers and listeners about the power of Real Estate Investing to achieve Financial Independence, and traveling the world.

To learn more about Andrew follow him on Instagram thehousehackingpodcast or visit his website FIbyREI.com
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