What Should You Do If Your Biglaw Firm Is Making Class-Year Adjustments Among Associates?

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Several firms are holding people back or asking them to go down a [class] year. My advice to international associates or those retooling when joining a firm is generally to always take a class year reduction if it’s offered because you want to be performing at the top of your year. But that is difficult to accept when you have six offers and some are at higher class years. A class year or two can mean a huge difference in salary.

— David Nicol, a partner and owner at legal recruiting firm Marsden, in comments given to The Recorder on what associates should do if they’re asked to go down a class year within their firms. Another recruiter who spoke anonymously on class-year adjustments said that “people in that type of situation have been impacted by reductions or are being put on a performance plan and potentially being papered for a future reduction.”

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