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Daisy Lacy offers up her advice on the housing market and vinyl shopping in D.C.
My first Daisy Lacy sighting was in 2017, when I stumbled upon her “Biff Bang Pow” DJ night at Slash Run in Petworth. I walked into the rock ‘n’ roll venue and burger joint to the sounds of ’60s garage and psych rock on vinyl, all handpicked by Lacy and husband Dan McNabb. It was a total vibe — complete with Lacy’s perfectly curated mod outfit, a hallmark of her personal style. 
I immediately started following her on Instagram and noticed she was popping up at other D.C. vinyl go-to spots like Showtime in Bloomingdale and Grand Duchess in Adams Morgan. Her sets were usually marketed using posters filled with retro eye candy collages and descriptions like this one, courtesy of Showtime: “Grind yer mind with pslithery psych and groovy garage grippers.” 
Vinyl dance parties obviously came to a halt during the pandemic and have seemed to return more slowly to the city than many of us would like. Lacy is one of several DJs I kept scouring websites and Instagram accounts for, to see if and when she was back in business. While she had paused her live sets, I found out she DJs the first Thursday of the month for WFMU’s Rock ‘n’ Soul Radio on “Rotations with Daisy Lacy.” And I learned that she recently became a realtor. 
The Northern Virginia native spent 20 years living in Mount Pleasant, but recently moved with McNabb to mid-century modern enclave Holmes Run Acres in Falls Church, Virginia. They worked with a Compass Real Estate agent, and she enjoyed the experience so much that she decided to get licensed in D.C., Virginia and Maryland and work for Compass. 
It seemed only fitting to reach out for an interview for our Move Issue, so I could pick her brain about the local real estate market and find out more about where to hear her epic vinyl selections. And of course, so I could mention my “Biff Bang Pow” experience — and the fun fact that District Fray’s new creative director Claire Smalley was my date on that night six years ago.  
On a quiet February morning, I had a fantastic conversation with Lacy about her new career, what tips she has for homebuyers in 2023, when we might see her perform live again and much more. She even put together an epic move-themed playlist to accompany our April issue, which you can check out on page 56. 
District Fray: What sparked your interest in becoming a realtor?
Daisy Lacy: I got into real estate through buying a home. We had a fantastic realtor, and I loved the process so much that I realized I wanted to help people buy and sell property. Compass is the top brokerage in the country, so I set my sights on becoming an agent. And the rest is history!
What are some of your favorite neighborhoods around the DMV?
There are hidden gems and lesser-known — but [still] great — neighborhoods all over the DMV, and a good realtor can help you find them. For example, Takoma [in Northwest D.C.] is often overlooked, but offers walkability to downtown Takoma Park, Maryland. 
Do you gravitate toward a certain style of home?
I’m a big fan of mid-century modern houses, and pockets of both mid-century modern and mid-century modest homes exist throughout the DMV. Charles Goodman, the area’s preeminent modern architect, designed many homes across Maryland and Virginia — beyond well-known neighborhoods like Hollin Hills and Rock Creek Woods. I love discovering these secret Goodmans. 
What does mid-century modest mean?
They have some of the hallmarks of mid-century modern homes. It’s not a full-blown wall of windows, but it has lots of glass and it’s way more affordable. 
When you’re not selling real estate, you’re adding to your insane record collection. Where do you find vinyl locally?
My favorite place to shop for vinyl in the DMV is CD Cellar. Other great spots are Red Onion in Hyattsville, Maryland; Crooked Beat in Alexandria, Virginia; and Som Records, Joint Custody and Smash! in D.C.
Where do you go to hear music in the city?
The Black Cat is, was and will always be one of my favorite spots to see a band or catch a DJ set. I love The Runaway in Brookland, which opened last year. DC9 is another longtime favorite. I think the local music scene is definitely making a post-Covid comeback. 
What tips do you have for locals in the market for a new home? 
What’s the top piece of advice you’d give buyers in the D.C. area?
Bottom line: Whether buying or selling property, it’s important to work with someone you get along with. You’re entering into a relationship with them in many ways. I strive to make the home buying process fun and love the opportunity it affords to meet new people and help them through a major investment. Clients often end up friends!
Follow Daisy Lacy on Instagram @daisy.lacy and shoot her an email at [email protected] if you are looking for a realtor. Lacy is also a seller’s agent in the DMV and offers free home evaluations and tips for listing your property. 
Check out to stream her “Rotations” set the first Thursday of the month and listen to her playlists at And keep your eyes peeled for a potential vinyl-only night featuring Lacy sometime later this year (our fingers are crossed!)  

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