Stephen Miller Takes Break From Suing Gay Pop-Tarts To Sue NYU Law Review

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 11.00.39 AMFormer Trump administration functionary Stephen Miller is not a lawyer, but he likes playing one on TV. Despite his complete lack of legal education, Miller founded “America First Legal” to pursue various and sundry white grievances. He sued Pop-Tarts for making kids gay, filed a complaint against “Woke M&Ms,” and threatened Disney for not giving enough money to the GOP. But he’s also sent vexatious letters to law schools pledging to sue them for recognizing “proxies for diversity,” and now his group is suing NYU Law, claiming that the NYU Law Review discriminates against white men.

Wait until he learns they have Pop-Tarts in their office.

Miller aspires to be the ambulance chaser for incels whose feelings get hurt by wokeness. There are late night “were you injured in an accident?” commercials with more gravitas:

And if that’s his “were you injured,” then this TV spot aimed at white people mad about DEI programs is his Camp Lejeune.

In any event, NYU is the victim of his latest tantrum. From Karen Sloan at Reuters:

The plaintiff, listed as John Doe, is a white, heterosexual male first-year NYU law student who intends to apply for a spot on the law review in the summer of 2024, according to the complaint. Law review posts are prestigious positions that can help law students land jobs.

The kid hasn’t even applied yet, which should present an insurmountable hurdle, but the Supreme Court doesn’t really care about plaintiffs suffering an injury-in-fact anymore so… YOLO! Waiting until the write-on competition risks the student getting rejected for fully merited reasons, so they’ve got to get this lawsuit in early to keep the record clear of a citation-error-filled mess of a write-on. Thus, the complaint is styled as a class action with Doe as the unnamed named plaintiff seeking declaratory relief.

I suppose the purported class would have covered me. As a white man from NYU, I also did not make it onto the NYU Law Review, serving on the Annual Survey of American Law instead. But since I’m not a whiny snowflake, I just knew my Bluebooking wasn’t up to snuff and moved on with my life.

Apparently this generation lacks that measure of professional fortitude.

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