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By Scottsdale Office of Communication

January 16, 2023
City of Scottsdale statement and facts regarding Rio Verde Foothills water
Rio Verde is a separate community governed by Maricopa County, not the city of Scottsdale. Scottsdale has warned and advised that it is not responsible for Rio Verde for many years, especially given the requirements of the city’s mandated drought plan. The city remains firm in that position, and confident it is on the right side of the law.
Nothing in the city’s action precludes residents in Rio Verde Foothills from purchasing water from other sources. The water haulers who have previously hauled water from Scottsdale have access to water from other jurisdictions and are still offering to haul water to serve the homes in Rio Verde. 
A Dec. 19 memo prepared in response to a petition to the Scottsdale City Council provides facts, a history of this issue and more information regarding the city’s position.
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