Sandy Point subdivision lots developing nicely – Manitoulin Expositor

SUNSITE ESTATES—A lakefront subdivision being developed by realtor Jordan Chandler on Assiginack’s border adjacent to Sunsite Estates is progressing smoothly—with 10 of the lots completed and six of those already sold.
“This is an exclusive listing,” noted Mr. Chandler of the subdivision called Sandy Point. “These lots are not being listed on MLS.” MLS is a compendium of real estate listings available to all real estate brokers.
Sandy Point will eventually consist of 48 lots but only 10 have been fully developed at this point. Each lot will draw water from the lake at this point and all are waterfront lots.
“The entire property is 740 acres,” shared Mr. Chandler. “The property is located across from Manitoulin East Municipal Airport on Highway 6, between Bay Estates and Sunsite Estates.”
The property ownership group is based in Sudbury. “I’m just the developer,” said Mr. Chandler.
The staged growth plan of development might have seemed over-cautious during the boom in rural properties during the pandemic, but recently the market has cooled somewhat. The developer does not anticipate any concerns in selling the properties, however. “People are just beginning to discover Manitoulin,” said Mr. Chandler, adding that he believes the best is yet to come for the Island market.
For more information, or to reach Mr. Chandler, please see his ad on Page X of this newspaper.


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