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The RRAR Realtor® Giving Network (RGN) made its largest gift in history to a single nonprofit with a $150,000 investment. RGN awarded CASA this donation to support operational expenses at King’s Ridge, a permanent supportive housing community for people and families moving out of homelessness in Wake County. This gift, paid out over three years, will provide crucial dollars to operate and maintain the building.
“The donation we’ve received from RRAR Realtor® Giving Network is the first contribution we’ve received to support King’s Ridge operational costs,” says Everett McElveen, CASA CEO. “Their investment provides the flexible dollars needed to properly care for our future King’s Ridge residents and ensure their long-term stability. We’re so grateful for their incredible generosity.”
King’s Ridge will provide apartments for 100 households, serving both individuals and families. The property’s main floor will include community space, offices, and access to wrap around services like case management and integrated primary and mental healthcare. King’s Ridge is well located just minutes from downtown Raleigh with a public bus stop across the street.
Heather Thompson, Executive Director of RGN, shared that Realtors® demonstrate their commitment to strong, healthy, and inclusive neighborhoods by investing in the RRAR Realtor® Giving Network (RGN).
“We are proud and humbled to offer crucial operational money to the King’s Ridge community to help provide critical care, housing and hope to its tenants,” said Thompson.
About RRAR Realtor® Giving Network (RGN)
RGN harnesses the collective power of Realtors® to support our neighbors and improve housing solutions in the community. RGN is the community investment arm of the Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors®.
For more information, visit http://www.rrargivingnetwork.org
To learn more about CASA, go to http://www.casanc.org.
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