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Updated: October 18, 2023 @ 10:05 am
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved the rezoning of the site from rural to light industrial in conformity with the zoning of most of the other properties in the area. (Maricopa County)

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved the rezoning of the site from rural to light industrial in conformity with the zoning of most of the other properties in the area. (Maricopa County)
The deal has been sealed for the sale of 12 acres on the southwest corner of Ryan and McQueen Roads in Chandler that once was home to a horse ranch.
McQueen Commercial LLC’s purchase on Aug. 30 of the land for $5.6 million that once was used as Sanyhills Ranch followed by a month the Maricopa County Board of Supervisor’s approval of a request to rezone the parcel from rural to light industrial.
With a gross area of 523,724 square feet, the land included stables, sheds and other facilities related to the ranch, according to Valley real estate tracker The sale price equaled $465,890 per acre.
Located within the Chandler Airpark Area Plan, the land was recommended for rezoning by the county Planning Commission and Planning Department staff with the proviso that it not be used for any unapproved uses, such as billboards, while the city annexes those pieces of the property that are still within county jurisdiction.
In their report, county planning staffers said the new owner must submit a plan for sewer and water service and fire protection before any building permit can be issued, noting “noncompliance with any Maricopa County regulation shall be grounds for initiating a revocation of this zone change.”
The report said while several parcels along McQueen remain under county jurisdiction, most land in the area has already been annexed by the city.
“The parcels south and southwest of the subject site are part of a larger industrial redevelopment taking place within Chandler,” it said, citing the approved Schrader Farms Business Park, and the pending Ryan Commerce Center, Hamilton Commerce Center, Arizona Commerce Center and the Air Center Business Park across McQueen Road. 
“These sites are being or may be developed for major employment, knowledge-based and light industrial type uses,” the county report said. “The subject rezone would ultimately culminate in similar type development and, eventually, incorporation into the City of Chandler.”
Staff said adjacent property owners were silent on the rezoning request and that no letters of opposition or support were submitted.
The report also noted that “there is no Plan of Development or zoning overlay included with this application” and expressed a “slight concern over the interim land uses of the site between an approval of this application and incorporation into the City of Chandler. 
“The lack of public infrastructure currently available on-site does limit the applicant to interim land uses,” it said.
“However, IND-2 zoning does allow for the erecting of structures that may otherwise not be allowed within Chandler jurisdiction, such as billboards. Staff would not be supportive of this application if the sole purpose of the rezone would be to allow for such a land use. 
“However, given the synergy between the proposed zoning and nearby land uses within the City of Chandler, staff still supports this application if annexation is pursued at maximum speed without major interim land uses that would require city services being processed by Maricopa County.”
A Gilbert company called Hawkke LLC , told the county the rezoning will “better reflect the development pattern in the area.”
County planners noted that residential development is not permitted by the new zoning category.
Hawkke added the rezoning “will position the property for future development consistent with the City of Chandler’s General Plan and the Airpark Area Plan’s Innovation District. 
“When an end user materializes that require city services, the property will annex into the City of Chandler and pursue site plan with the City of Chandler,” it added. “Applicant has discussed this site with City of Chandler Planning and Development Department and understands the types of uses that are anticipated within the Innovation District of the City’s Airpark Area Plan. In the interim, the property may be utilized for uses that are permitted within the Ind-2 district and do not require additional utilities.”  
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