How strong a woman can be? Rebecca lost her house and heart, she was looking for arms to hold her tight and forget the fateful times, she will never forget the one in the sky, she doesn’t want to be on her own, a woman with a good heart, why she chose the bad one, she gave her life, left all behind, but he gave nothing at all, she works hard, he was just playing bad, she cries in the bath, he was waiting outside pretending to apologize, why is she still there? She thinks it’s too late to fly far and find another nest to pour her heart into, Rebecca is trapped, she doesn’t like him anymore, and she is used to his voice.

Remember when you were in the capital, roses in the room, butterflies invade you, happiness is coming back, and you fantasize about life by his side? Long distance, you were sad to not have him in your arms, he left his town and run to the house that you built after the Great War, the fairytale is real, he kisses you every day now, you can’t believe there’s love after love, love, love, and love that’s all over the air, what color is to fall in love? Rebecca knows that will never be gold like before but will not be gray like the late days.

The months passed, the fever is getting down, and paradise is like real life now, what happened to the man you thought was your light? I think he stuck with her ghost, she thinks she got it wrong, she wakes up every day and pretends she’s the woman of days, she is trying to fix him, she forgot about herself, and he doesn’t care, he likes pouring whiskey like a daily routine, back home with his head in the cloud, screaming what he wants, the house it’s getting down, she wants to calm the storm, he just wants to go to bed and touch her, he’s an animal, he just wants what is vain, he doesn’t project himself with her, he just wants to play with her hair. Rebecca is tired to be used, I think she wants to leave.

Rebecca is a woman tied to the old times; girls just obey the man and put themselves down for those who are bad as trash. She wants to quiet; she just can’t face the mistake she made. She knows what needs to be done, she prefers to cry and forget what happened every night, she’s living a mirage, I want to break her fantasies, we can’t live like this, this killing me, I can’t see you wasting time with dudes that can’t make you smile.

Rebecca is trapped I hope God put her on the right track.

Rebecca is art, please take the courage to step out, you don’t need someone to fly around.

Rebecca needs to get out of this wonderland.

Rebecca, you need to rebuild your dreams.

I’ll be waiting here, be free.


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