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Local Realtor Teresa Fuller’s record-breaking March sale of an “artist’s tree house” on Hollyslope Road may not only have cemented her unofficial title as the “Grand Dame of Real Estate in Altadena” but more importantly, marked the tipping point where Altadena residential property is rightfully widely recognized for its inherent value.
“For properties over 2,000 square feet, this sale on Hollyslope Road took Altadena real estate into the realm of all of the most coveted enclaves on the east side and in the central part of Los Angeles — like Hancock Park or Silver Lake and Los Feliz,” Fuller said. “Suddenly, Altadena real estate is selling in that realm.”
The house was listed at $1.749 million. Fuller sold it for $2.905 million. Her methodical, systemic approach generated 27 offers and a sale that was 66% over the initial listing price.
Her success was not due to happenstance. Fuller’s detailed and scientific home preparation plan, a system that she has evolved over her years of selling, was a decisive factor. She and her team have done extensive research on what makes people comfortable moving forward with a home sale.
Her approach is thorough and strategic and it produces results.
One core Fuller tenet: an unanswered question about a property is the death of a sale. People need to feel confident when purchasing a home, and Fuller’s over-the-top research allows buyers to feel comfortable.
That means intense preparation before the house is shown is key for Fuller when it comes to selling homes. When a potential buyer gets serious about one of her listings, Fuller ensures they have all the information they need to make an informed decision. Fuller’s team arranges inspections of key systems, so they know as much as they can about the condition of the house. But that’s just part of the story.
She works closely with her clients to create an inviting space for potential buyers. In the case of the Hollyslope Road home, Fuller moved many bookcases out of the house and removed most of their books. She came in with her own paint and stain palette, changed most of the light fixtures, and staged and reoriented furniture from how her clients actually lived to better meet the eye of the camera.
All these techniques are important in creating the right experience for potential buyers.
Fuller also creates a detailed historical and architectural narrative about the home. She believes that to deeply involve people, you need a story. Her team weaves connections between the architecture, site, plants, landscaping, decor and even sometimes the people who have lived there. 
With the Hollyslope Road property, one of the most interesting pieces of that narrative was that Fuller’s client had chosen the site and the home’s orientation, designed the home and built it herself.
Fuller believes pricing is both a science and an art. She strategically prices certain homes at a percentage below market value to get the most people in the door and create buzz. This competition drives up the price to what the market will bear. As evidenced by the Hollyslope Road sale, this works. 
To be outstanding as a listing broker, Fuller believes one must have the right combination of skills: you have to be good at contracts and understand legal aspects; you have to be good at design; you have to understand construction, architecture and have a good architectural vocabulary. 
It’s a job for someone who is comfortable wearing many hats, she said. 
For Teresa Fuller, it’s her dream job.
“I really get to do the breadth of things that I’m good at,” Fuller said with a smile. “And you know,  I absolutely love what I do.”
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Congratulations Theresa you have helped Altadena achieve its rightful place in Southern California. Lifting it from older times of less than mediocrity. This is a wonderful place to live, love and work. Keep up the good work.
Tom Joyce
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