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From 2023
Four of Dallas’ top residential brokers open their doors—and share what lessons you can learn from their homes.
You might say Richard Graziano views his job as a love letter to Dallas. A real estate agent since 2011, the executive vice president for Allie Beth Allman & Associates takes pride in showing clients around the city and educating them on all it has to offer. “It’s been really great to see Dallas grow so much over the last 12 years,” says Graziano. “I really love helping [my clients] understand the neighborhoods.” He comes by that knowledge honestly; he and husband Jason Williams and their two kids had moved seven times in the few years prior to finding their current home in Devonshire. Discovered on an agent preview, the house had space for everyone, and the über-walkable area was perfect for his family of four.
After doing some unexciting but necessary work to the house (like replacing the roof and installing a new HVAC system), they’re now getting to focus on making it a home, with help from a longtime friend and collaborator, interior designer Kristin Mullen. Graziano credits the success of their partnership with Mullen’s ability to design with his style—which he details as “pretty classic American, leaning into Ralph Lauren meets Mark D. Sikes”—in mind while still pushing him out of his comfort zone. “I described our last house as ‘Connecticut modern,’ ” he says. “I’m still coining the phrase on this house, but what I can say is that I absolutely love how the design is completely our vibe, just a little bolder and richer.”  
Graziano and Williams loved their home’s proximity to schools, shops, and restaurants. “You can make just about any house look good,” he says. “But you can’t change the location.”
Graziano’s family has moved seven times over the last few years, relocating with each new stage of life. In this case, with their family complete, they were ready to put down roots in a house that checked all the boxes for where they are now. “We love the outdoor space and quiet street,” Graziano says. “It feels like our grown-up house.”
Sure, you want a house that’s big enough for your family. But having more space than you need means you’re paying for unused square footage. “We really use all the spaces in our house,” he says. “I think that’s been a key element that has been important to a lot of people recently.”
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