Phoenix firefighter, 3 others attacked by Scottsdale bee swarm – The Arizona Republic

Three people and a Phoenix firefighter were being treated for an anaphylactic reaction Wednesday evening after being stung by bees.
According to Scottsdale Fire Department, crews were on scene at the San Portales at Silverstone apartments near north Scottsdale and east Pinnacle Peak roads after receiving reports of residents being stung by bees, with a beehive on the property. Upon arrival, they found an active swarm of bees attacking three bystanders.
Crews donned protective gear and were able to assist the victims, leading them to a safe area.
While doing so, a Phoenix firefighter was stung and later transported to a hospital where he was in stable condition and eventually released, Scottsdale fire spokesperson Capt. Dave Folio said.
It’s unclear how many times the firefighter was stung.
Two of the victims were also transported to the hospital — in stable condition as well. The third victim refused transportation, according to Folio.
A pest control company arrived at the scene to help handle the beehive, located inside an arch at the front entrance of the apartment complex.
No other information had been released.
Scottsdale fire recommends that anyone who finds themselves in the middle of a swarm attack to:
Additionally, victims should seek immediate medical attention if:


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