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Updated: December 8, 2023 @ 12:14 pm
Gov. Doug Ducey and Brian Bair,  founder and CEO of Offerpad, cut the ribbon at the “housewarming” party for Offerpad’s new headquarters in Chandler on May 9. Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke, far left, joined in the celebration.

Gov. Doug Ducey and Brian Bair,  founder and CEO of Offerpad, cut the ribbon at the “housewarming” party for Offerpad’s new headquarters in Chandler on May 9. Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke, far left, joined in the celebration.
Offerpad, a company that aims to eliminate the stress in selling homes, recently moved its headquarters to Chandler after bursting at the seams in its previous office in Gilbert.
The company, which opened in Gilbert in 2015, celebrated that nearly 40,000-square-foot space at 2150 E. Germann Road, with a “housewarming” party that Gov. Doug Ducey, state Rep. Jeff Weninger and Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke attended on May 9.
“Our founder has been in the East Valley for 15 years,” said Dave Haroldsen, head of brand for Offerpad. “He loves the East Valley, has a lot of ties here and sees this is the perfect place to start a company. We picked this building and Chandler because we wanted a place we could grow and expand our company for several years to come.
“It was the location that fit our company and employees. One of our mottos is homes, not houses. Our mission is to provide the best way to buy and sell a home period.”
There are 250 employees working in the new Chandler headquarters out of 500 Offerpad employees around the country.
Offerpad also has offices in Tucson, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Orlando, Atlanta and other cities while the founder and CEO Brian Bair lives in Gilbert. Offerpad’s co-founder is Jerry Coleman.
Bair started Offerpad after he and his executive team obtained a deep understanding of the challenges people deal with when they sell their homes. They discovered even successful sellers got overwhelmed by the stress of selling, including trying to guess the price their home would sell for, preparing the house for showings, negotiating a deal, finding moves and waiting for their closing date, Haroldsen said.
Offerpad combines real estate technology with fundamental industry experience to offer a platform where sellers can get a strong purchase offer for their home, quickly contract and close and avoid the traditional real estate selling process.
“You type in an address and say, ‘I’d like you to send me an offer,’” Haroldsen said. “We send a number to you. What we do is we get the house ready. We turn and sell it ourselves.”
Once it has purchased a home and made it ready to be viewed by potential buyers, Offerpad puts a keypad on the door so potential buyers can use an app, receive a code and tour the house by themselves.
“You can make us an offer; you can buy it right there,” Haroldsen said. “Our motto is ‘move freely’ because we want to provide as much freedom in buying and selling a home. We are looking for people that are excited about the home.”
The benefits of selling a home to Offerpad are the sellers get to pick the closing date they want, Offerpad hires and pays for a moving company to move them to another area within certain distances.
It makes competitive offers on homes and sellers have up to three days to move to their new home after Offerpad buys it. Offerpad also makes renovations on homes before selling them.
People who buy homes from Offerpad have the freedom to check out hundreds of Offerpad’s homes on their own using the Instant Access system, where they get a code through an app or text to enter the home. Buyers also have flexibility with their move-in date and their own dedicated transaction manager to assist them through the whole process, according to Offerpad’s website.
Hundreds of homes are sold through Offerpad in Arizona every year and the company only sells used homes.
“Real estate is a really busy place,” Haroldsen said. “Lots of different companies are trying to figure out how to update the model. We think we’re pretty unique in the way that we operate.”
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