NY Brokerage Uses AI to Identify Leads

A mission to humanize real estate by using robots (AI) sounds like an oxymoron. But a broker uploaded client data and relies on AI to maintain client relationships.

NEW YORK – New York City-based Elegran/Forbes Global Properties has evolved from a real estate brokerage representing overseas buyers into a company “more balanced between buyers and sellers,” according to managing director Jared Antin.

Key to its business is the hunterAI (artificial intelligence) solution from Israeli company LocalizeOS. HunterAI was introduced as an application that would engage agents’ database of leads, cultivate those relationships, learn what the buyers were after, and present the broker and agents with qualified buyers who were ready to transact.

“We were able to download a batch of contacts from our CSV and bulk-import them to LocalizeOS,” Antin says. “The team was incredibly helpful and accommodating in setting up our agents and adapting to our workflows. The LocalizeOS team was able to build a connection from our CRM [customer relationship manager] to LocalizeOS’ system and create automations to send leads based on pre-defined triggers.”

Antin says hunterAI and similar tools help enhance agents’ efficiency – but they’re not designed to replace them.

“This technology helps us offload the mundane tasks and focus on our highest priorities, making the best use of our time and prioritizing our clients,” he says. “LocalizeOS helps us keep our clients at the forefront of new inventory and keeps their search top of mind. It allows each of our clients to experience their real estate agent as if they were their only client – something that is not possible with human effort alone.”

Source: Inman (04/10/23)

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