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Perry and Jeaneen Lyson
Jeaneen Pruitt Lyson
Jeaneen Pruitt Lyson’s family
Jeaneen Pruitt Lyson lives life on her terms and is thriving.
She runs one of the most successful and popular real estate teams in Midland. She tells the Reporter-Telegram she has ranked among the top 3 agents in the business since 2007 and her company – the Jeaneen Pruitt Team – has been a two-time winner for the “best real estate agency/team” in the Reporter-Telegram Readers’ Choice Awards.
But real estate is what Lyson is good at, not who she is.
The long-time Midlander is very frank about her life – a relatively new life away from open houses and real estate listings. She talks about the opportunities that happened after a failed marriage and issues with family members dealing with addiction. She swears about how counseling and how others in the very competitive real estate business provided her with the tools and support to start again personally or as she said, “the great opportunity to do a reset.”
And Lyson shared about the successes of the last 10 years – finding love with Perry Lyson, a private pilot who has helped her find happiness and having the opportunity to be “parents” to Maddox and Mason, two grandchildren who needed parental figures at ages 4 and 6. Years later they have daily structure, routines, better nutrition and opportunities to re-connect with their mother and father.
“We tell them, ‘They are your mom and dad, but we are your parents,’” Lyson said.
Parenting keeps Jeaneen and Perry young, she said, as does the opportunities during her second chance at finding happiness. As she said her passions include real estate but also travel and family (not in that order), but her marriage to Perry allows for plenty of travel, seeing places and experiencing life outside of Midland.
“Our lifestyle and means are conducive to make a difference in their lives,” Lyson said.

“Jeaneen Pruitt designed a team concept to ensure that every client receives top service. Our dynamics and structure create a smooth and successful real estate experience for everyone involved.”
Those are words from her company’s website. Again, real estate is a passion, and she doesn’t take a backseat to anyone. She can talk shop about the Midland market she knows — $200 a square foot in Greathouse or $350 a square foot in Los Conchos. Sure, $145 a square foot can be found in Midland, but not in the anything new or not in certain parts of town, she added. Lyson has sold enough and been involved with enough flips and rentals to have that knowledge. Her portfolio currently includes 13 rentals and two flips houses.
She also is becoming very familiar with the new Midland. The younger buyers who want it all right now, like four bedrooms even though the buyers are without kids.
“I remember I was 38 when I got granite and 39 or 40 before I got a front-loaded washer and dryer,” she remarked. “They want what their parents have.” 

Lyson is a member of the real estate community and inside that group are the elite agents (those among the top 10%, maybe the top 40 or 50) in Midland who she consistently battles it out with for premier listings. She talked about the worthy adversaries in the business, but also those who through the years have made an impact on her like Norma Pine, who taught her about financial security and provided guidance during times after a tough divorce and other life events that played out more than a decade ago.
She talked the lessons learned from Victoria Printz (about marketing and volume), Laura Sales (about steady winning the race) and Kay Sutton.
She admits not being the “agent for everyone,” but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to try and get a person’s listing. In an effort to market herself and her business, Lyson has gone to social media with videos that allow potential customers to get to know her. She admits writing the scripts for all the videos herself and recording multiple presentations at a time. In general, the videos provide knowledge about the market, needed tips, showcase a lighter side and let the potential client also know she can be serious when needed.
“No one in Midland was doing (the videos), and I did not want a younger agent giving expert advice while I was sitting on the sideline,” Lyson said. “I worked my butt off (to get where she was at). If I am not touting my work, they are not knowing me. … I enjoy it. My kids had said people don’t know you are funny. It has been nice for people to get to know this side of me.”

Away from the listings, this is different Jeaneen – a person who doesn’t sweat the small stuff, someone who relies on years of experience but is open to adapting to a new time, a person who learned that it is OK to seek help (“Thank God for therapy; sharing can help people,” she said) and a person who has found success in a new chapter of her life.
Stewart Doreen is the Editor for the Midland Reporter-Telegram.


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