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Umansky has recounted the paranormal experience he experienced when selling the property
Where were you when you heard that Michael Jackson had died? This is a question that many fans of the King of Pop know how to answer without a doubt.
Jackson‘s death in 2009 was one of the saddest pieces of news in the music world, but today the singer remains one of the most relevant voices of the music scene and one of the characters of which new secrets are still being discovered.
Spokesman Mauricio Umansky, one of the most recognized real estate agents in the United States is not only dedicated to selling properties, he has also become a writer to tell the craziest stories that have happened to him while working on his new book ‘The Dealmaker’.
The most talked about has been an experience that has the spirit of Michael Jackson as the main protagonist.
It has been during a short interview with TMZ where the real estate agent has described the paranormal experiences during the sale of the mansion where the king of pop died.
Umansky explained that he was in charge of inspecting the house, which was located in one of the most luxurious neighborhoods of Los Angeles.
The agent went every morning to check that everything was in perfect condition before showing the property to potential clients. But one morning something didn’t go as expected.
As he himself recounts, having finished showing the mansion to an interested party, he locked the doors behind him, but when he returned the next morning he found in the room where Michael Jackson died a window open and music coming out of the room. This scene was repeated a second time.
In addition, the real estate agent relates a second paranormal experience in the mansion. Upon entering with a client they saw that one of the most striking objects of the property had undergone a change.
They noticed that the chandelier that crowned the entrance of Michael Jackson‘s house appeared broken. This was a very tempting detail for the client who ended up buying the King of Pop’s mansion for 18.1 million dollars.
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