Luck has a Big Role in Our Lives. If you don’t see it or Refuse to Accept it, it might set you up for a Big Fall in Life.

How much do you think luck’s role factors your success or failure today? We didn’t ponder enough of it. I stumbled into personal finance because I got disillusioned in my final year of computing degree in NUS. If I wasn’t so pissed about it, I wondered if I would be this intentional about some of the things that I do. Michael Batnick reflected in Lucky in Life how a confluence of events had to happen for him to be a managing partner at Ritholtz Wealth Management. He had to struggle to find a career in the financial crisis and finance wasn’t the first thing in his mind. He only met his future partner Josh Brown in a subway train and needed the courage to approach him. Where we are now, is because we pick out an option out of many options, and then another option out of many options…


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