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Mar 27, 2023

Mark Mussina, a local Realtor, property manager and equity partner at NCPA Media LLC, has announced his candidacy for the soon-to-be-vacant Democratic county commissioner seat in Lycoming County, according to a news release.
Born and raised in Lycoming County, Mussina, a father of three, has been continuously active in the community throughout his entire adult life, according to the release. He has coached and served on Montoursville’s Little League Board, served on a pastoral search committee at a local church and currently sits on the Board of Directors for Williamsport’s Community Theatre League.
“The very nature of the position is what attracted me to it,” Mussina said, according to the release. “I don’t like the ugliness and hostility of state and national politics, but this position is different. By rule, the county commissioners are a bi-partisan committee, Republicans and Democrats working together for the good of the community. That excites me.”
After current Democratic commissioner, Rick Mirabito, announced he was not
seeking re-election, Mussina was approached by a Democratic Party member and encouraged to run.
“It’s a unique position,” said Mussina, who holds a mathematics degree from Susquehanna University, according to the release. “I was told, ‘It’s not really about politics. It’s about budgets, finance and fund distribution. You need to like numbers, and you need to like people.’”
He understands the diversity of a commissioner’s role, according to the release.
The focus not only includes local commerce and infrastructure, but also things such as libraries and community programs that service the disadvantaged while providing resources for people with disabilities and mental health issues.
“Economic growth and development are crucial to the area,” Mussina said, according to the release. “We need to create and keep jobs in the area, and we need to provide real opportunities for our students to stay here after graduation.”
Mussina’s roots in the community run deep. His mother and father are both Williamsport Area High School graduates.
Two of his grandparents worked at the Weldon’s pajama factory, while another served on the Williamsport School Board. His brother, Mike, upon his retirement from baseball, has remained a Lycoming County resident as he did throughout his entire playing career, according to the release.
His platform is built on transparency and accountability in government. He believes taxpayers deserve to know where their money is going, and they shouldn’t have to guess or be given the runaround when trying to get answers, according to the release.
“I strive to bring energy and positivity to everything I do. I will bring that same mindset to the role of county commissioner,” Mussina said, according to the release.
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