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If you are trying to become better as a professional, technology and digital marketing will consistently be a big part of the process. Today, the world is seeing revolutionary changes that are disrupting industries.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) currently is part of a $136 billion market. If you work in a field like real estate, you’ll always want to use the tools of the day to generate leads and get new clients.
LinkedIn can help. The company recently announced plans to incorporate AI tools into its system in a way that can help professionals.
Here’s what you should know about the latest LinkedIn AI announcement and how it affects real estate agents.
LinkedIn recently announced plans to incorporate AI into its platform. The company announced the creation of “collaborative articles”. This is an AI-based content initiative that is meant to start conversations between creators on LinkedIn.
Not only will the AI generate potential topics, but it’ll also reach out to creators who fit the parameters of the topic, prompting them to contribute and add their own personal experience, insight, and research.
People will be incentivized to participate with top performer badges and other perks. The AI gets the ball rolling so that the numerous people in the LinkedIn community can contribute and engage with the subject matter.
This helps because idea generation is often the hard part. Once people have some direction and topics to discuss, the rest becomes a collaborative process that will yield results.
It’s excellent news for real estate agents and professionals in a variety of industries.
There were nearly 600,000 real estate agent jobs in 2021. This is a sign of a healthy industry and job outlook, but this also means you’re competing against more professionals.
Real estate agents are entrepreneurial by nature, and must always be looking into their next leads and customers. In addition to LinkedIn’s platform, there are so many benefits of AI for real estate pros.
One of the main benefits of AI for real estate agents is that it’s incredibly cost-effective. Real estate marketing can get pricey, so you will appreciate having access to the cost savings that you get through the power of data.
These tools will handle the workload that used to require entire groups of creatives to brainstorm. Many real estate agents are solo entrepreneurs, so having access to marketing tools that level the competition can be helpful.
Using AI can make you more productive and will help you keep tabs on your time.
LinkedIn’s new AI release will be a game changer for the simple fact that it helps people come up with ideas. If you find yourself constantly staring at an empty content calendar, AI can give you the jumpstart that you need.
You can use AI in a straightforward manner, telling it the type of content that you need, and under what parameters. This includes blog posts, video content ideas, social media posts, and other pieces of content. Since AI jumpstarts your ideas, you will get to the draft part of the process more quickly and without procrastination or writer’s block.
Whether you end up teaching people about home loans or real estate taxes the AI can generate topics that are timely and useful.
Digital marketing platforms today are largely graphics based. People today are accustomed to visuals, which drives much of social media.
In addition to text-based content, you can also use AI to generate photos and other forms of multimedia for you. This is huge if you need some graphics to go with your listings, social media presence or other endeavors.
When you are using an AI platform, you can describe your graphics in great detail so that it looks just how you want it to with the added benefits of getting it quicker and to your liking.
In real estate, your listings are arguably the most important marketing tool that you have at your disposal. This is what draws people in and generates real estate leads that might eventually end in someone making a property purchase.
You can use AI to write an engaging and attention-grabbing listing that makes someone want to stop by for an open house or book a private visit. The AI can match the tone that you are looking for and will highlight the most interesting parts of the property. This makes it easier for you to find a buyer, and you will be able to get your properties off the market in a timely fashion.
The best listing will include a paragraph getting the reader’s attention, a hook that mentions the major selling point of the home, and a breakdown of the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and other information.
A stellar listing, paired with a quality piece of multimedia will keep your listing at the top of the ranks so that it gets more visibility, and so that you get more messages and hits.
Published content aside, AI can also help you with your typical workload and professional life. A real estate agent thrives on having a rock solid professional network of people in real estate and other related fields.
Use AI to optimize your contact database. This technology let you categorize contacts based on certain criteria and create a schedule for when and how often you need to reach back out to your contacts.
Once you have a system in place, you’ll have an easier time moving forward with your networking. Having the information from your contacts database laid out will make sure that no relationship slips through the cracks, and that you are regularly scheduling lunches, coffee outings, and other social meetings that build professional relationships intact.
AI is also helpful at making sure that you’ve dotted every “I” and crossed every “T” with your search engine optimization (SEO). Good SEO is something that every real estate pro should take advantage of.
The AI will help you not only create SEO-rich content, but also optimize it using local keywords. When you use AI, it will study your website, how people interact with it, and how other websites successful engage visitors.
You’ll also be able to use the AI to find primary and secondary keywords, and to generate topics that are competitive within your niche. Like other forms of marketing and content creation, you’ll find that you get a load of good SEO data that would have taken more effort and time on task.
AI will help you to improve your web presence, draw in fresh leads, and sell them on a property that they will fall in love with.
Not only is the cost of real estate AI less expensive, but you will also find that this work is scalable. It’s easier to ramp up your marketing efforts with AI, since this technology can effortlessly perform the work of several people.
You will get the return on investment that you are seeking and can work your marketing campaigns without worrying about how the results are panning out.
AI can automate processes so that you are getting just as much output without having to dedicate time on tasks. You can then use this mental energy elsewhere in your business and will be more personable and excited when it’s time to talk to your clients.
One of the best uses of AI for real estate agents is to improve your e-mail marketing campaigns. E-mail marketing is one of the most important types of advertising that real estate agents do since many people aren’t ready to buy a home right away.
Using AI for your e-mail marketing strategies helps you nurture your leads for as long as it takes. That way, they are ready to buy when the time is right.
AI-based e-mail marketing gives you plenty of conversions and leads.
If you’re a real estate agent, the new LinkedIn AI announcement is excellent news. In a world of SEO, digital marketing platforms and social media, it’s important that you use the right strategies and processes.
Consider this information so that you are prepared for the launch of LinkedIn’s new AI endeavor.
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