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Italian philosopher Ordine wins prestigious Spanish award

MADRID — Italian author and philosopher Nuccio Ordine has won Spain’s Princess of Asturias award for communication and humanities for 2023.

Prize organizers said Thursday that Ordine, who teaches literature at Calabria University, was chosen for “his defense of the humanities and his commitment to education and the values rooted in the most universal of European thought.”

Ordine, 64, is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on Italian Renaissance studies and a specialist in the work of 16th century Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno.

The award organizers said Ordine “advocates instilling in students the pleasure of knowledge and the curiosity to know things.”

An honorary doctor and honorary member of numerous universities and cultural institutes, Ordine has written many academic books, most notably “Giordano Bruno and the Philosophy of the Ass” in 1987.

He also has published several more popular works, including the bestseller “The Usefulness of the Useless,” in 2013.

The 50,000-euro ($53,000) award is one of eight prizes, including in the arts, social sciences, and sports, handed out annually by a foundation named for Spanish Crown Princess Leonor. They are presented each fall by the princess in the northern city of Oviedo.

The communication and humanities award was won last year by Adam Michnik, the former Polish dissident and human rights activist who is editor-in-chief of one of Eastern Europe’s most popular newspapers.


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