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INDIANAPOLIS — The housing market in Indianapolis is competitive. For buyers and renters who’ve had issues in the past, this seller’s market is almost impossible. Now, an Indianapolis realtor is also in the business of providing second chances. 
Ashley Poindexter believes in fresh starts. 
“You can’t take an old part of yourself into a new chapter. So, lots of growth all the way around,” Poindexter said.
She and her three daughters recently moved into their new home. 
“After my divorce, unfortunately an eviction process happened, even though I called to remove my name from the lease,” Poindexter said.
That’s when her fresh start began. 
“LaMar (Holliday) came at just such a perfect time and was like, ‘Ashley, I have a house for you,'” Poindexter said. “He was like, ‘If this matches what I find, and I see that you’re an honest tenant, then I’ll give you a chance,’ and he gave me a chance. I was there for three years and was able to turn things around.”
LaMar Holliday started Home of Hope Indy two years ago. 
“Home of Hope started from my personal experience. My mom and dad were hardworking, always putting in a lot of overtime to make ends meet, it was hard to pay rent sometimes,” Holliday said. “I wanted to make sure that all my tenants knew that if you need that second chance, I’m here to give it to you. I’m here to work with you. Life happens. It’s life.”
Holliday rents to tenants who have a prior eviction, bad credit and even a criminal record. 
“They have been my best tenants, and I think the reason behind that is someone gave them a chance, and they don’t want to mess that up,” Holliday said.
Holliday is also a realtor, helping with references or resources if they eventually decide to buy.
“When you see the messages, the emails, the phone calls that come in, people just need housing, there is a definite need out there. I’m happy I can come in and fill in the gap for these families, but I can’t do it alone,” Holliday said.
Holliday understands there are tenants who make it bad for everyone. There are also tenants like Poindexter who found a better paying job, helping others grow their finances. 
“They just need that chance. Give them that chance. I always say that, and I’m glad LaMar gave me that second chance,” Poindexter said.
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