German Rail Workers Go on Strike as Russia Sanctions Backfire in a Big Way

by Chris Black

Wow, what a surprise, the German economy has completely crumbled and they’re facing deindustrialization. 

Who could have seen that coming?

But don’t worry, the government will make sure the elite and upper classes are safe and sound, and maybe throw a few scraps to the middle class. 

Let’s face it, peasants don’t have a clue how to start a revolution without some big-shot leader telling them what to do. 

And let’s not forget, those leaders always have the peasants’ best interests at heart, right? 

Just look at communism and the US color revolutions, it’s all sunshine and rainbows.

 But hey, if you want to manipulate the peasants, it’s easy peasy. 

Just give them some rousing speeches, a snazzy symbol or two, and some hardcore military action, and they’ll be putty in your hands.

 And sure, the Germans mean well by shutting things down to express their dissatisfaction, but let’s be real, that’s never accomplished anything without a Robespierre or Lenin type coming in and spilling some blood.

 So, good luck with that, Germany!


Rail workers went on strike across Germany on Friday, bringing national operator Deutsche Bahn’s services largely to a halt, in the latest of a series of stoppages over pay in Europe’s largest economy.

The walkout, organised by the EVG union, was due to run from 3 a.m. (0100 GMT) to 11 a.m, though the train network was expected to be impacted for the whole day.

State-owned Deutsche Bahn said all its long-distance connections would be cancelled until 1 p.m. and that few commuter trains would run.

The EVG, which is negotiating on behalf of 230,000 workers, is seeking a 12% wage increase, or at least an additional 650 euros ($715) per month. Deutsche Bahn has offered 5% and one-off payments of up to 2,500 euros.

Friday’s transport strike was set to coincide with a walkout at four German airports – Duesseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne Bonn and Stuttgart – by members of the Verdi union.



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