Fmr Chief of Staff to Larry Hogan wanted as fugitive dies in shootout with the FBI outside Nashville

McGrath was indicted in 2021 after being accused of stealing over $275,000 from the state government, falsifying documents, and other criminal activity.

Roy McGrath, the fugitive ex-chief of staff for former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, died of a gunshot wound at a Tennessee hospital Monday night after a confrontation with FBI agents.

His attorney Joseph Murtha said in a statement, “It is a tragic ending to the past three weeks of uncertainty. I think it is important for me to stress that Roy never waivered about his innocence.”

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With how vague they are being with the details it makes you wonder what the real story is because to me it sounds like a political assasination by the FBI his vehicle was shot up by feds but they say it could possibly a self inflicted wound? They have yet to even say whether or not he was armed or that they recovered a firearm in his posession nor do they say that he shot at police it all sounds extremely fishy at this point in time.


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