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Invest in your future with a theoretical and hands-on educational experience.
Through its majors, the Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate provides students with a proper theoretical foundation and skill set to make wise financial decisions.
Explore the principles of corporate finance and investments.
Study the characteristics of financial and economic risks.
Made possible by a generous donation from Hodges Capital, the Hodges Capital Financial Markets Center is a state-of-the-art classroom that simulates the environment of an investment firm.
The Baylor Angel Network (BAN) is an investor network providing early-stage capital to strong entrepreneurial teams with developed products or services and early customer traction.
Baylor researcher David Dicks models the correlation between new innovation and investors’ attitudes about uncertainty.
WalletHub: Professor Allen Seward, director of the Baylor Business Fellows major and an associate professor of Insurance and Finance, is a featured expert in this article about liability car insurance.
Baylor Business Review: Ilka Gregory reflects on lessons learned from her time with Baylor’s rugby team and how they apply to her career.
Financial Advisor: Professor Emeritus William Reichenstein shares advice about how married couples can complete Roth conversions to reduce their joint lifetime taxes and Medicare premiums.
Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation
1621 S 3rd St.
Waco, TX 76706
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