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To determine the most sought-after cities by renters, crunched the traffic numbers for listings in the country’s 150 largest cities to highlight renters’ preferences and intent to move. The results are out now in the October Rental Activity Report
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Chandler and Peoria are once again among the top 30 most sought-after cities by renters. Demand has intensified, leading to a significant drop in listing availability of 3% in Chandler. In Peoria, the decrease was even steeper — a whopping 29%. Moreover, the increased listings engagement helped these cities in Phoenix metro climb the highest they’ve ever been. In October, Chandler emerged as America’s 13th most in-demand city, while Peoria ranks 23rd.  
Here are more highlights about Chandler and Peoria: 
Chandler and Peoria are not the only cities to experience an impressive climb this month. Buffalo, NY, made an impressive leap of 70 spots to reach #9. Meanwhile, Mobile, AL, is the only Southern newcomer in the top 30 after climbing 32 spots. See all the changes here:   
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