Car crashes into two Phoenix homes on Thanksgiving – FOX 10 News Phoenix

Two Phoenix families are going to be spending their Thanksgiving holiday cleaning up a big mess after a car barreled into their homes near 35th Avenue and Camelback.
People living in two different Phoenix homes are not having the Thanksgiving morning they imagined after a car crashed into both of their properties.
The collisions happened near 34th Avenue and Camelback early Thursday morning. 
Police say the driver crashed into the homes – which are next door to each other – before getting out of the car and fleeing on foot. Several vehicles were also damaged during the collision.
The suspect is still on the run, and impairment is believed to be a factor.
One of the homeowners was in his kitchen preparing for Thanksgiving dinner when the car barreled into his home. His two cars, both brand new, were also hit. 
"A lot of people could have been hurt, this could have been really bad during the day because I know a lot of people who walk down here all the time," said one witness.
No injuries were reported, and no other information was released.
A car barreled through two homes next door to each other near 35th Avenue and Camelback on Thanksgiving morning.
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