Burger King Wants Sanctions On The Menu

The King

There are limits to having it your way. Burger King, known for its flame-broiled Whopper and directly enabling the Marvel cinematic universe we know today, is on the offensive on behalf of its advertising strategies. From Reuters:

Burger King has asked a judge to sanction the lawyers behind a proposed class action accusing the fast-food giant of duping customers about the size of its burgers and sandwiches.

An amended lawsuit the lawyers filed last month makes the “baseless and unprecedented complaint that it is somehow unlawful for a restaurant to display a beautiful photograph of menu items,” Burger King said in its request for sanctions on Thursday.

While I respect the legal strategy, I would have much rather seen a meltdown/advertisement like when Mike Lindell yelled up and down about the quality of his non-lumpy pillows. Have it your way and all, but what King would allow for such slander toward his patties? If there were a fast-food mascot whose anger could shut a couple lawyers up, it would probably be this guy:

Realistically speaking, Burger King’s “combat librarians” are probably the only defense they need. A similar suit accusing Wendy’s of selling products that didn’t match up with their advertisements was dismissed last September. If you’d like to give the suit a bit more attention, here’s a good start: Walter Coleman, et al., v. Burger King Corporation, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, 1:22-cv-20295.

Burger King Wants Lawyers Sanctioned Over Undersized Whopper Claims [Reuters]

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