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Apr. 7—Scottsdale may have its first "bridge housing" project aimed at preventing families from becoming homeless.
The city held a meeting last week at Vista Del Camino Community Center in south Scottsdale to discuss with neighbors the city plans to purchase a six-unit apartment complex at 7602 E. Polk Street, off Miller Road north of East McKellips Road.
Targeting families who receive eviction notices, "This type of temporary housing is a critical link to prevent families and seniors from falling into homelessness," said Sue Oh, director of the city's homeless programs.
"The property is for sale and vacant," Oh said. "We currently have not made any agreements with the owner."
Real estate sites Zillow and LoopNet show the property, built in 1986, selling with an asking price just under $2.5 million.
Two small houses next to the apartment complex are vacant and in disrepair.
According to a city notice sent to neighbors, "The city is considering purchasing the property to implement a program to assist families and seniors."
The bridge housing project would target those "receiving 30-day notices to move out leaving them stranded with nowhere to go and in danger of becoming homeless," according to the notice. "These families are folks who work in our communities and have children that go to our schools."
Bridge housing would provide a temporary, safe home "while they work on completing necessary steps toward securing permanent housing."
Referrals for this program will be made through case workers from the city's housing office and senior centers, according to the notice.
The city-funded program will include case management and other services to help with securing or maintaining employment, budgeting and long-term housing.
For more information on bridge housing, contact soh@scottsdaleaz.gov or 480-312-0053.
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