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Real estate is a vast and growing industry. So, many people are pursuing a career in the field. If you are also trying to get a license as a real estate agent, we will help you start the process. You can finish your pre-license studies at any of the various local real estate schools in the US. However, joining an online real estate school is the best choice to get your license.
Online schooling has many perks over regular schools. With an online real estate school, you can enjoy flexible study hours, more choices for courses, etc. Plus, these schools provide for your needs regardless of your age. So, if you are an adult with a full-time job, you do not have to worry about school interfering with your work hours. Further, one of the most valuable features of online education is its low rates. Most schools add extra charges to their fees apart from tuition. However, all those extra fees are deducted with online studies.
Since a career in real estate is so promising, millions of people are pursuing this field. Hence, there are a lot of choices for schooling and pre-license courses. It could be confusing for a beginner to select the right online real estate school. So, we checked online real estate schooling platforms and made a list of the best real estate schools. This article describes the various features, pros, and cons of studying at these online real estate schools.
Real Estate Express is one of the industry’s top online real estate schools. It is also one of the oldest real estate schools. One of the main reasons for its success is the effort of its highly skilled founders.
Colibri Group Company launched the Real Estate Express. The firm then partnered with Buffini & Company. While the former trains those who want a real estate career, the latter is a coaching site. Buffini & company boasts of being the largest coaching firm in North America. Moreover, the firm has guided over three million business experts to success. The founder of the company moved to San Diego in 1986. In less than a decade, he rose to the top to become one of the best real estate agents in the country. Later, he started his coaching firm in the mid-1990s to share his learnings with other aspiring real estate agents.
Moreover, Real Estate Express offers a wide variety of pre-licensing coursework and exam prep courses. The company has many valuable and exclusive learning methods for its pre-licensing courses. These real estate courses guide you to efficient studies for the real estate license exam. Real Estate Express also offers learning tips to ensure there are no surprises on the day of your exam.
There are also many course options for post-licensing. Real Estate Express offers a vast choice of real estate career coaching videos, access to a Real Estate Sales Starter Kit, etc. These videos feature Brian Buffini, the founder of Buffini & Company, who guides the students to a healthy real estate career. He shares his learnings and helpful insights on sustaining oneself in this competitive industry.
Lastly, the Real Estate Express website is highly user-friendly. The firm ensures that newcomers have no trouble with it.
Pass or Don’t Pay: Real Estate Express ensures your success in the real estate license exam with its Pass or Don’t Pay offer. So, if you do not pass your exam, you can get a full refund of your money. After buying any Real Estate Express courses, you have six months to clear the progress and final real estate practice exams. You can take these exams as many times as you want till you get a score of 80%. Once you finish all your real estate practice tests, you can try for an actual real estate state exam within the month. Moreover, when you get your test results, you can get a refund if you are not cleared on your first try.
Easy Refund Process: To get a refund from Real Estate Express, you need to send your state test results to the firm within a month of receiving them. Once they verify your results, the company will return your money, no questions asked. However, you should note that the Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee is not valid in the states of Florida, New Jersey, and Tennessee. You can still buy the Exam Prep for these states, but they do not allow guarantees to clear the real estate license exam.
Small Bites: This program focuses on making the pre-licensing courses easier to memorize. First, Real Estate Express works on turning real estate knowledge into smaller, easier-to-understand points. Next, they review these points and augment them to make concept recall stronger. The real estate industry requires you to memorize several laws and regulations. Hence, the easier they are to recall, the more you can attain.
Chat With Advisors: Real Estate Express allows you to chat with advisors if you have any doubts or queries regarding enrollment. Their Q&A team boasts a collective experience of 80 years.
=> Click here to visit the official website of Colibri Real Estate Express
At Your Pace Online (AYPO) is one of the top online real estate schools for pre-licensing and continuing education courses. The founders also offer courses for Mortgage Loan Originators. Moreover, the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) approves of the teaching methods at AYPO.
The company headquarters lies in Gold Hill, Oregon. It is the ideal online school for several courses. AYPO offers online classes for various trades and professions. These online courses include car dealers, plumbing and water workers, real estate agents, HVAC operators, gas fitters, etc. Further, after you finish these courses, you receive an official AYPO certificate. These certificates are valid for use all over the United States. The key principle that AYPO follows is that education is the best at your own pace. So, AYPO’s online courses are available for use at your convenience. You can carry your real estate learning anywhere with you on mobile devices. Moreover, you can finish the firm’s online classes without rushing yourself.
The company also has various affordable package deals for pre-licensing courses. Some of its best packages include the 180-Hour Texas Real Estate Agent Package, Deluxe, and Online Proctoring. With the standard package, you can get all six pre-licensing courses, 180 credit hours from the Texas Real Estate Commission, etc. Moreover, the online real estate courses include free prep exams and 24-hour chat support. Further, all of this is available for just under $150. These online courses also ask you to review questions throughout to ensure growth and consistency.
Lastly, the firm suggests one of its best sellers, the 75-Hour New York Real Estate Salesperson Pre-licensing Course. This pre-licensing course covers the main topics for a real estate agent. You can learn about license laws and regulations, agency relations, property values, human rights, real estate contracts, and more.
Available All Across the US: AYPO offers its continuing education real estate courses in 46 states in the United States. However, it only offers pre-licensing courses and exam prep to five states, Alabama, Florida, Michigan, New York, and Texas. The company also offers MLO courses in several states of the United States.
Scholarship Program: At Your Pace Online believes in giving back to the students. Hence, the firm offers open scholarships available to all students from time to time. Further, all these opportunities follow similar eligibility criteria. First, you need to be a student at any college or school at the time of application. You are eligible even if you are in-between programs. Second, if you win the scholarship, you need to send an acceptance letter from any institute you are enrolled in. Once AYPO verifies it, you will receive your check.
Refund Policy: A refund policy indicates a firm’s confidence in its product or services. At Your Pace Online has a refund program. So, if you are not satisfied with any of the company’s services, you can get a full money refund. However, you need to request a refund before the course completion. You can contact the company’s customer support to make this request.
Referral Program and Perks: Besides getting your real estate license, AYPO provides you with other unique opportunities. While you study to become a licensed real estate agent, you can earn money using the AYPO referral program. You can earn nearly $200 for each friend you refer. First, sign up for the program and share your link with friends and family. Next, whenever a friend purchases AYPO’s continuing education courses or pre-license pack, you get a 30% share of the revenue. You can receive your payments at the end of each month via PayPal.
=> Click here to visit the official website of AYPO Real Estate Course
Joining the CE Shop Real Estate Prep is the best way to start your career in real estate. The company offers tutors who are real estate professionals and provide quality learning. Firm headquarters are set near Denver, Colorado, where it has been operating for several years. Moreover, CE Shop provides its service to all the states in America. The founders aim to educate students about real estate through an alternative to in-person classes. Apart from real estate learning, CE Shop focuses on real-life issues and social services, teaching students values through these experiences. This feature makes CE Shop one of the most authentic companies in the industry.
Per the company website, CE Shop’s core values are customer service, respect, honor, and commitment to growth. These core values are the backbone of their business. First, the business ensures its members will tirelessly work to satisfy their customers. CE Shop hires entrepreneurs from small businesses as they appreciate customer value. Second, the company stays true to its words. They never engage in any false propaganda or exaggerate their results. The real estate business is constantly changing and growing. So, CE Shop makes sure its employees continually expand their skill sets to serve their real estate clients. Moreover, the company stays ahead by keeping up with the latest technology and curriculum.
While CE Shop strives to grow as a business, it also fulfills its social responsibilities. The company has foundation programs, like the CE Shop Foundation Program, that feed thousands of starving children. While most students are eligible for free lunches under the Colorado Education Department, kids from low-income families do not enjoy this offer. So, CE Shop supports Food For Thought, providing lunch packs to students from over 72 schools in Denver.
Awards and Honors: The CE Shop has received many awards and honors over the years, proving the firm’s efficiency. We have listed some of its most notable rankings in this article. In 2021, the firm ranked second amongst 50 companies to be the fastest-growing private company in Denver. Moreover, this award by the Denver Business Journal is considered highly eminent in the business world. Lastly, the Maryland Salesperson Exam Prep Program named CE Shop as the Online Education Program of the Year for 2020. Further, the company has won various awards for its work in the real estate field. For example, ARELLO awarded the CE Shop with an affiliate award at the start of last year. The platform had also given the firm an Education Award in 2017.
Helpful Blog: The firm also has a blog that gives its students useful tips about their study topics. This blog won the Content Marketing Award in 2021 for being the best blog with multiple authors.
Interactive Courses: CE Shop is one of the oldest online learning platforms. Moreover, the company has gotten thousands of users a real estate license. The main reason for this success is its interactive courses and learning methods. Further, these licensing and continuing education courses have a progress bar. This bar allows you to keep track of learning.
Friendly For Beginners: Before taking up any course, this real estate school offers you a free trial video and practice exam. This trial can be helpful if you want to get a real estate license but are unsure where to start. You can get an idea about the topics the real estate license test will cover. Moreover, there is also an additional list of free topics, tips, and questions on the website for the exam.
=> Click here to visit the official website of CE Shop Real Estate Prep
Online real estate schools are ideal if you want a real estate license straight from home. However, these real estate schools can be costly. So, if you want your real estate license for a reasonable rate, Real Estate Exam Scholar is the best option. This online course is also your top choice if you need extra study material for your real estate licensing exam. Moreover, this online real estate school covers content areas that are tested using the Safe MLO Test. The exam prep courses can help you launch a successful mortgage brokering and real estate career.
The real estate school also ensures the users pass their real estate exam on the first try. Hence, the company has had a success rate of over 90%. Several people are unsure about getting a real estate license and launching a career in this field. Thus, Real Estate Exam Scholar helps them make a choice by providing a free trial. Before enrolling in the real estate school, you can opt for their free trial and learn more about the course.
Moreover, this trial could help you become more familiar with the online school’s teaching methods. Then if you decide to join the platform, you can do so with its easy-to-use website. First, you need to select your state and proceed to sign up. Next, you would need to make the payment for the course, and you can start learning right away. The fee plan for the Real Estate Exam Scholar starts from just $39 for six months of unlimited access. With the company’s study materials, you can speed up the process of getting your real estate license.
Available All Across The United States: One of the greatest benefits of joining the Real Estate Exam Scholar is that you can access it anywhere. The company offers online real estate exam prep to all states in the United States. Moreover, you do not need to worry about traveling during your course offerings. You can attend your classes online from any place, at your convenience.
“Immersion Technology” Interface: The company makes the process of acquiring your real estate license quicker with its easy-to-use interface. Several real estate experts have created this program to make learning more fun. First, the pre-licensing and continuing education learning plans include many videos and study tools. Moreover, you can learn from over 750 flashcards.
First Attempt or Free: Real Estate Exam Scholar ensures you will clear your licensing exam on the first try. The company has complete confidence in its exam prep course offerings. They even have a full money refund policy in case of failure. So, if you do not clear the state exam on your first try, you are eligible for a money refund.
Efficient and Friendly Customer Support: It is a vital factor for any company to have polite and supportive customer care service. We searched several customer reviews to learn more about Real Estate Exam Scholar’s consumer care. Hence, we discovered that most users were pleased with the company’s services. Customer service is always available if you have any doubts regarding the enrollment process or anything after that. The company’s chat support will also assist you via email so that you can clear your doubts. You can contact them from anywhere, as the chat support staff is located all over the world. So, any issues regarding different time zones are irrelevant.
=> Click here to visit the official website of Real Estate Exam Scholar
There are over four million active real estate licenses in the United States. The official web page of the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) has verified these statistics. Further, a majority of these licensed experts are real estate agents or realtors. This steady demand has resulted in hundreds of real estate schools and learning sites all over America. Learning more about these schools can be tricky, especially with the onslaught of online learning platforms. The variety of choices in the field could highly confuse you. So, our team personally reviewed hundreds of real estate study platforms.
These schools were checked using strict standards to determine the best online real estate schools. Further, we considered many factors like their courses and teaching methods. Each of the schools had a unique learning skill to offer. So, after intricately checking them, we selected four of these real estate education sites as our top choices.
We gave you a list of our top online real estate schools in the United States. But selecting an online real estate course to get your license can be tough. First, there are hundreds of options available. Second, every institute has something unique to offer. So, selecting a learning platform is not easy. However, you can make a choice faster by examining your needs. It would help if you tried making a list of your requirements. Then, compare that list with the features offered by all your options. We created a list of the factors you should look for in an online school before selecting it.
The first thing you should look for before enrolling in any school is if its founding company is authentic. Nowadays, learning platforms have become a way to earn profits without concern for their users. So, you should conduct a background check on the company you want to select and learn their core values. Many companies, like the CE Shop, engage in social work, while others promote education using scholarships, like AYPO.
Apart from solid core values and aims, it would be best if you searched for companies that are transparent. Most companies do not reveal the drawbacks of using their products or services. However, a company that admits its flaws is usually more legit than the others. Moreover, it would help if you looked for institutes that do not engage in false propaganda. Exaggerating their product benefits is also another way of covering up its cons.
Real estate is a vast subject, and you must recall essential laws and regulations during every meeting with your clients. Hence, the institute you get your education from must be created by skilled experts. The makers of all these companies have had decades of experience as real estate professionals. So, they can incorporate their learning into these online platforms and share them with you.
Like having reputable founders is important, companies should also have a high-quality teaching staff. Most real estate learning platforms hire experts to impart their knowledge to the students. You can verify whether the company you select has competent staff by visiting its official website. Generally, companies include a section on their webpage that provides information about their employees. You can learn a lot about your instructors’ various achievements and other qualifications by checking it.
Interactive learning and teaching methods are an essential part of online learning. Companies offer various tips and learning programs to make studying easier for you. It would help if you learned more about a school’s teaching methods before selecting them. Many online learning platforms offer video study guides and tutorials. Moreover, some platforms even offer policies like the Small Bites scheme, which makes memorizing your study material easier.
Knowledge alone is not enough to get you a job. Your employer can not fully assess your skills during the job interview. Hence, it is a must to have various certifications and degrees for a specific field on your resume. These certificates act as professional approval for your skills. So, companies give you these certificates apart from teaching real estate courses and helping you clear your state exam. The more reputable a company is, the more its approval would matter. Hence, it would help if you aimed for schools with a certain authority over the real estate industry.
Legal authentication is one of the main concerns while looking for education platforms. When looking for a real estate school, look for state-approved ones with NMLS verification.
Online learning is very new to most people. However, it can be challenging for people who are unfamiliar with new technology. As a result, people often spend more time learning how to study from these platforms instead of actually studying. So, it would help if you looked for companies with websites that are easy to use. Avoid platforms that use complex study tools.
While a school’s education quality should be your main concern, you should also look for added bonuses. Several online platforms offer scholarships and referral programs to help you save or earn money.
Yes, you can get a license using online means. Before appearing for the state exam, you need some pre-licensing credit hours from NMLS or ARELLO. You can get your credit through any of these online platforms. Moreover, you can also take courses online that help you prepare for your state licensing exam. However, you should make sure that the school you enroll with is state-approved.
The cost for these schools may vary depending on your chosen courses and platforms. Online learning is generally cheaper than in-person classes. Online platforms also offer you various course packages with different duration and content. Moreover, the price range for schooling also depends on whether you select an entire course or only need exam prep material.
The time it takes you to get a license can vary based on where you live. Even in the United States, the states have different procedures for license approval and state exams. The general steps are taking a course, giving your state license exam, activating the license, and joining a firm. It usually takes four to six months to become a real estate sales agent in the United States. Online courses can be very helpful in speeding up this process.
Taking a course or enrolling in a real estate school is the quickest way to learn about the subject. You can take a class or seminar at your local schools or select an online program. Community colleges offer these courses year-round. However, if you are a working adult, in-person classes may not be the best choice for you. You could take an online course for the subject as they are highly flexible. You can study whenever you want from anywhere.
There is no significant difference between agents and realtors in their duties. However, realtors are paying members of the National Association of Realtors. It means they have access to all the properties that are for sale. If clients go to a realtor, they can show the former all the suitable places. However, agents only have access to limited lands. So, the client will have to go from agent to agent for a wider choice. Although, an agent can become a realtor by joining the NAR as an active and paying member.
Agents get paid for every sale they make. They get a share of the revenue from a property sale. Usually, this share is between 4 to 6%. However, the amount is further broken down and divided between an agent and their brokerage. Independent agents generally make more than those at any firm.
There are several pros and cons of working in this industry. If you become an estate agent, you have the liberty to pick your working hours. However, you might overwork on most days if you do not have set hours. Your earnings depend solely on your skills. There is no fixed salary for an agent. Thus, you can increase your income by taking on more clients. But, this also means you may not have any income during a dry spell.
Yes, you can be a part-time property agent. Once you get your license to practice as a property agent, you can select your working hours. Realtors generally have very liberal working hours. You can show around clients in the evening after your prior engagements are over.
A real estate manager is one of the highest-paying jobs in the industry. Another lucrative profession in the industry is becoming a real estate broker.
You can find real estate clients by building your network. You should also set up a marketing plan to build your influence. Moreover, be wise about your clients to increase your success rate. You can also ask for referrals from your previous project employers. Use content marketing as a part of your strategy. Lastly, make a website to promote yourself as an agent and attract more customers.
Kaplan Real Estate Education is an online learning platform. Like the online schools mentioned on our list, you can study for your state exam here too. Online learning platforms like these make earning your real estate license much easier.
Many online sites can help you learn more about real estate. However, be careful if you want to study a course to take the state exam for your real estate license. Online schools are the better choice if you do not want to take in-person classes or have busy schedules.
We made a list of the best online real estate schools in the United States to help you make a choice. All the schools on our list offer unique skills, courses, and learnings. So, before choosing any of the schools, examine your needs. You would be able to make a better decision if you review your requirements. It would be best to consider factors like the company, its courses, teaching methods, etc. Our buying guide will assist you with that.
Lastly, after carefully reading our article, you only need to enroll in one of these top schools to get your real estate license quickly. Remember, while these online platforms can give you all the study materials you need to pass a real estate exam, you still need to dedicate study time and persevere.
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